March 23, 2023

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Rising Star: Kourtezz Moore

January 27, 2023 Bailey Tabor 0

Kourtezz Moore is a 5’10 166 pound running back and pure athlete at Griffin Middle Academy located in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Kourtezz Moore Began to play football in 5th grade, and now in 8th grade, […]

Rising Star: Jareon Hines

January 27, 2023 Charlie Baker 0

Jareon Hines is a talented Quarterback and now Safety from Tensas Junior High in St. Joseph, Louisiana. Jareon is a 7th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American game. Here is Jareon […]

Rising Star: Ja’Vonta Thomas

January 26, 2023 Connor Pedersen 0

Our latest Rising Star Ja’Vonta Thomas is an 8th grader out of North Iberville High School. Ja’Vonta is a quarterback and defensive back. He stands at 5’1 and weighs 120 lbs. He not only excels […]

Rising Star: Logan Sprunk

January 26, 2023 Charlie Baker 0

Logan Sprunk is an athletic Wide Receiver and Defensive Back from Kenner Discovery in Kenner, Louisiana. Logan is a 7th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American game. Here is Logan Sprunk’s […]

Rising Star: Dylan Hayes

January 25, 2023 Myah DeSousa 0

Dylan Hayes is an 8th grade 6’2 175lb. powerhouse athlete playing both Receiver/Defensive End for Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School in Jonesboro, LA. With the natural athleticism to move like a machine, Dylan is efficient at playing […]

Rising Star: Dekai Butler

January 25, 2023 Jose Mendoza 0

Dekai Butler is a 14 year old running back for North Iberville High School from Maringouin, Louisina. Measuring at 5’5, 120 lb., and with a GPA of 3.5, he most recently participated in the Gridiron […]

Rising Star: Kaden Lane

January 25, 2023 Bailey Tabor 0

Kaden Lane is a 6’0 315 pound offensive and defensive lineman out of Griffin Middle Academy, who wreaks havoc both ways on the front line. Kaden’s size and strength truly allows for him to change […]

Rising Star: Messiah Wilson

January 25, 2023 Charlie Baker 0

Messiah Wilson is an intelligent Offensive and Defensive Lineman from Griffin Middle Academy in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Messiah is a 8th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American game. Here is Messiah […]

Rising Stars: Tyler Sumler

January 25, 2023 Brandt Rebert 0

Tyler Sumler is a upcoming young star, who currently plays Offensive Line for Westdale Middle School in Baton Rouge, LA. Check out our Q&A to get to know Tyler even better!

Rising Star: Jeremy Favorite

January 24, 2023 Connor Pedersen 0

Jeremy Favorite is currently an 8th grader at North Iberville High School. He plays Running Back. Jeremy is 5’4 and weighs 150 lbs. Jeremy is already running a stunning 4.48 forty yard dash. He recently […]

Rising Star: Brinten Harris

January 24, 2023 Ellis Robertson 0

Brinten Harris is a 13-year-old Lineman for North Iberville High in Rosedale, Louisiana. Brinten is an 8th grader who participated in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American Game who sports a 3.6 GPA. Brinten Harris Interview […]

Rising Star: Braylon Christmas

January 24, 2023 Bailey Tabor 0

Braylon Christmas is a 5’8 130 pound athlete out of North Iberville high school in Maringouin, Louisiana. Braylon is a quick and shifty player that utilizes his skills for running the ball at running back […]

Rising Star: Isaac Jackson

January 24, 2023 Charlie Baker 0

Isaac Jackson is a talented Wide Receiver/Cornerback from Woodlawn Middle School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Isaac is a 5’11 1/2 160lb 8th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American Game. Here is […]

Rising Star: Keith Champagne

January 24, 2023 Brandt Rebert 0

Keith Champagne is a determined, 14-year-old football player for Kenner Discovery in Kenner, LA. Keith is a 5’3″ 160 lb Center and Defensive Lineman. He squats an impressive 205 lbs and benches 115 lbs. Keith […]

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