Rising Star: Kourtezz Moore

Kourtezz Moore is a 5’10 166 pound running back and pure athlete at Griffin Middle Academy located in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Kourtezz Moore Began to play football in 5th grade, and now in 8th grade, he is more dedicated than ever. He is a strong running back with power in his legs that he continues to use every play. Kourtezz was able to answer some questions about his young career thus far:

Do you play any sports other than football?

“I like to play baseball and basketball as well. I play first base in baseball and power forward in basketball.”

What is your favorite NFL team?

“I am a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, I’d have to say Travis Kelce is my favorite player on the team. I am positive they will win the super bowl this year.”

Who is your favorite player, whether it is a former or current player, and why?

“Deion Sanders is probably my favorite all-time player. The way he was dedicated to the game, as well as motivate teammates is inspiring.”

What is your favorite position to play in football and why?

“I am a true running back – I like how aggressive and physical you can get, and i enjoy getting to stiff-arm opponents.”

What is something you have learned from football so far that can translate to the rest of your life?

“You can always fall back on your teammates.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“As a leader; someone who they can rely on at all times.”

What are some of your dream colleges?

“LSU because it is close to home, Jackson State and Clemson.”

Kourtezz Moore is a rising star worth keeping an eye on in the future. For now this 8th grader will be displaying his talents for Griffin Middle Academy. Lastly, when asked if he wanted to let people know anything else about him Kourtezz stated, “It is dream to become a superstar and get into the hall of fame.”

Kourtezz Moore commitment photo to Gridiron Football USA Jr All-American Bowl Game
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