Rising Star: Braylon Christmas

Braylon Christmas is a 5’8 130 pound athlete out of North Iberville high school in Maringouin, Louisiana. Braylon is a quick and shifty player that utilizes his skills for running the ball at running back as well as locking down receivers at cornerback. Christmas recently showcased his talents last month at Gridiron Football USA’s Junior Varsity bowl game.

Braylon Christmas receiving is jersey at the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game

When did you begin playing football?

“I started playing when I was 8 years old.”

Do you play any other sports besides football?

“I play basketball as well as run track; I run the 400 meter sprint.”

Who is your favorite NFL team?

“I like the Baltimore Ravens.”

Who do you idolize in the NFL, past or current player?

“Deion Sanders; I like his love for the game and the way he played football. He could do it all on the field.”

What is your favorite part about playing defensive back?

“I like locking down receivers and never letting them get the ball.”

What about on the offensive side, what does Braylon like about running back?

“I like running over people, and breaking free.”

What have you learned from football so far in life?

“football has taught me to stay focused and stay into it no matter how challenging it gets.”

Braylon Christmas is just a junior varsity player for now, but as Braylon continues to grow he will continue to rise into a star who is dedicated to the game of football and plans on making an impact. He will be the future on both ways of the ball for North Iberville High School.