Rising Star: Kaden Lane

Kaden Lane is a 6’0 315 pound offensive and defensive lineman out of Griffin Middle Academy, who wreaks havoc both ways on the front line. Kaden’s size and strength truly allows for him to change the outcome of a play by making a block to move a defender or opposite, power through the offensive line to get into the backfield. It is clear that Lane is a powerhouse on the field, but off the field Kaden maintains over a 3.5 GPA, proving his hard work, and dedication.

When did you start playing football?

“When I was in the 3rd grade.”

Do you play any sports other than football?

Sometimes plays basketball

What is your favorite NFL team?

“I really am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, I think Jalen Hurts is an incredible player.”

What is your favorite NFL player?

“I am a fan of George Pickens. I really like his attitude and the way he plays football. He plays very physical and with passion.”

What is your favorite part about your position?

“I like to hit and be hit, getting to clash every play is fun. I like to move other players out of the way and enjoy feeling different types of defensive rushing and figuring out how to block them.”

What is something you have learned from football so far in your life?

“you can’t always be the bigger person and sometimes you may lose but you learn from that and get back up to fight another play.”

Who do you look up to in football?

“I do not have a specific player in the league that i mimic my game after, I do look up to my older brother who also plays football.” (Kaden’s older brother also played in the Gridiron Football USA All-American bowl game.

What are some dream schools you could see yourself attending in the future and why?

“LSU because it is close to home in Louisiana. Florida State is my dad’s favorite team. As well as Texas A&M, because I love how they motivate and coach their players.”

Kaden Lane is a lineman worth keeping an eye on in the future. He is without an intelligent rising star who has incredible potential to be a standout talent.