Rising Star: Brinten Harris

Brinten Harris is a 13-year-old Lineman for North Iberville High in Rosedale, Louisiana. Brinten is an 8th grader who participated in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American Game who sports a 3.6 GPA.

Brinten Harris Interview

Q. When did you start playing football?

B. My first season playin was the 2021 season

Q. Who would you consider to be your role model in life?

B. My parents are my role models.

Q. What keeps you motivated to work hard on the field?

B. My Dad is my biggest motivation, I want to make him proud by playing College Football because it is something he never got to do.

Q. Are there any players you like to model your game after?

B. Jason Kelce

Q. If you can eat anything after a game, what would you pick?

B. Seafood

Q. Who is your favorite NFL team?

B. The New Orleans Saints are my favorite team.

Q. Who is your favorite player to Watch?

B. Alvin Kamara probably .

Q. If you could attend any school to play football where would you go?

B. I’d have to go with LSU.

Q. What would you say is your best quality on the football field?

B. I would have to say my snap, I feel like i’ve almost perfected it.

Q. What would you say is the most important lesson that football has taught you?

B. Listen to what your coaches have to say because they can teach you a lot.

Picture courtesy of Jason Saucier