March 21, 2023

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Rising Star: Jareon Hines

Tensas Junior High QB/DB Jareon Hines (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

Jareon Hines is a talented Quarterback and now Safety from Tensas Junior High in St. Joseph, Louisiana. Jareon is a 7th grader who participated recently in the Gridiron Football Junior All-American game.

Here is Jareon Hines interview with me.

1. When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in 6th grade. The coaches put me at running back at first.

2. Why did they move you to Quarterback?

During spring practice, my coach saw that I could throw and run the ball very well. He eventually decided to move me to quarterback.

3. What are your favorite things to do outside of school?

I like playing basketball and spending time with my friends.

4. Do you have a favorite NCAA/NFL player to watch and why?

Josh Allen… I like the way he can throw and run hard like me.

5. Do you have a favorite football moment in your young career?

One game, I ran a 80 yard touchdown.

6. Who pushes you to be better through your football journey?

Coach Moses and Powell push me to play harder, critique me, and are father figures to me.

7. Do you have a preference on the offensive or defensive side of the ball and why?

I rather be the Quarterback because I feel more comfortable at that position.

8. What part of the nation would you like to play in college?

“The bigger, the better.”

9. How do you succeed as a teammate?

I push my teammates at practice. I tell them to practice like you are playing in the game.

10. Do you have a certain every gameday ritual?

I listen to music and think about the plays to run in the game.

11. What is your favorite time of day to play in?

I like the spotlight at night time.

12. Name the kind of animal you would describe yourself as?

I would say an Elephant, they can think very well.

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