Rising Star, WR/DB Logan Sprunk, Kenner Discovery (Kenner, Louisiana)

Logan Sprunk is a 5’2, 110 lb receiver and defensive back out of Kenner Discovery in Kenner Louisiana. Logan is a very crafty defender and doesn’t let his size determine the outcome of plays. Unfortunately, Logan was injured this season, so he was not able to let his abilities shine to their fullest potential. Despite that, Logan recorded 6 tackles this season. He is a bright kid who boasts a 3.5 GPA, and only started playing football a few years ago. He hopes to be back on the field next season to show everyone what he is really made of. I did a Q&A with Logan which you can find below.

What motivates you to play?

Just the game itself, I love playing ball.

I know in your last interview you said you liked to play receiver more than defense, is that still the case?

I like to play defensive back more than receiver now.

Who do you model your game after?

I would say Deion Sanders. That’s primetime.

Favorite subject in school?

Am I allowed to answer PE? I’m probably gonna go with that.

What do you see yourself doing after football?

I want to be a mentor for football, like a personal trainer.

What is your dream college to play at?

Clemson or Ohio state for sure.

I know you like to play video games a bit, are you team Xbox or team Playstation?

Playstation all the way.

Do you play any other sports, or plan to play any others in high school?

I play basketball and baseball right now, but I plan to play baseball and football in high school.

Anything about your game that stands out?

My ability to read the offense and quarterbacks eyes.

Any fun facts about yourself?

While I mainly play defense, I am still a two- way player and can play receiver at a high level as well.