March 28, 2023

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Southern Lab wins jamboree vs. Amite

Southern Lab Kittens and the Amite Warriors brought their game tonight for a jamboree. Both sidelines were energectic and shouted showing support for their teammates. Amite and Southern Lab responded to each other’s great plays making it a close game in the end.

Amite scored the first touchdown of the game and successfully kicked a field goal with a score of 7-0. Southern Lab responded with a touchdown and Angelo Izzard went for a successful two-point conversion making the score 8-7. He also scored two touchdowns. Southern Lab’s wide receiver, Darren Morris, was another player who stood out on the Kitten’s offense.

Amite scored another touchdown with another successful extra point and the score was 14-8. The Kittens tied the score 14-14. Amite scored with a successful field goal, and Southern Lab responded with yet another touchdown and two-point conversion. The Kittens blocked a kicking attempt by Amite and the game ended with the Southern Lab Kittens on top 22-20.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Southern Lab’s senior, Darren Morris, after the victory.

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How does it feel going into the season with a win?

A: “It feels good. We have to work more on defense, and everyone has to do their job. We’re starting here for our championship run.”

After this game, what is something you see that you want to work on?

A: “I want to work on my route running and pushing my team. We have to push each other to become better.”

What are you most excited for this season?

A: “Seeing all my teammates win. We want a championship and want to leave a legacy behind.”

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