Diamond In The Rough: Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons is a class of 2022 DE for DeQuincy high school in DeQuincy, LA. Simmons is 6’4, weighs 210lbs, and sports a 3.1 GPA. He plays with great effort and has a high motor. When watching his film, something you’ll notice is that he never gives up on a play; you’ll see him making tackles 20 plus yards down the field as a DE. He has the versatility to play WR and TE and also does track and plays basketball. Simmons was an honorable mention all-district DE and was invited to the Gridiron Football All-Star bowl game.

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How long have you been playing football? Since little league.

Do you play any other sports? yes i play basketball and run track.

Why do you choose to play TE and DE? Because it’s the position I’m best at and value the most.

What is the most important part of playing TE and DE? Hand placement and being able to covert speed to power.

What position do you think you are best at? Defensive End.

What position do you prefer playing? Defensive End.

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level? Defensive End.

Is there a player you can compare yourself to? Jj watt because of his explosiveness and energy.

Do you look up to anyone? I feel as if every player has an idol and mine is Troy Polamalu.

What are you doing to get better? Putting in work everyday and holding myself accountable for my mistakes.

Do you have any goals for this season ? Yes sir, to be the best player and teammate i possibly can be for myself and my team and always put god first.

Why should colleges give you a chance? Because there might be bigger more stronger defensive ends out there, but they don’t have the drive and determination I have to outwork me.

What stands out about the way you play? I’m very flashy and explosive off the ball and I can make plays that bigger more bulky defensive ends can’t make.

What is your favorite part about playing DE and TE? Just the feeling of beating a dude way bigger than you off the line or driving him back is always a great feeling.

What has playing football taught you? To be a responsible as a person and take accountability for all of my actions good or bad. 

What sets you apart from others? My work ethic and determination towards being a great athlete.