OL/DL Alton Risin: New Orleans, LA

After attending our Elite Camp series close to home in Northshore, our latest Diamond in the Rough athlete 2024 Alton Risin is looking to make a serious push this coming season. Alton is a 6’1, 245 pound talent for Livingston Collegiate Academy that can play on both sides of the ball. He plays on the offensive line and also defensive tackle. He earned second team all-district honors last season for his efforts on the field. He also has maintained a 3.75 GPA in the classroom, which shows how serious he takes school and not only football. Like said before, Alton attended our most recent Elite Camp at Northshore High School, and he showed us the serious skills that he possess on the football field.

I had the chance to speak with Alton, take a look:

What age were you when you started playing football and why did you continue to do so over the years? 

“I started playing football when I was 7. I continued playing football over the years because it was my escape from everything, and it was really what made me happy and I fell in love with football.

Do you play any other sports or is or only football for you? 

“I play basketball & soccer. Those are the only other sports right now.”

Do you rather play on the offensive side or defensive side of the ball? Why? 

“Offensive, because our coach starts offense off first to set the tone. It’s good to set the tone because setting the tone establishes the whole game. 

What are you biggest strengths as a player? 

“My biggest strengths are my IQ, and the way I flow through everything. I’m very fluid in my technique; I have a different type of swag when I play football.”

What are the biggest things for you to improve on as a defensive end/ offensive lineman this offseason?

“Being more physical is the main key point for both sides of the ball that I am willing to improve on this off season.  Also I am looking to just get stronger & bigger.”

What would you describe as a good teammate? 

“A teammate who is reliable, dependable, and who brings a positive energy to the team. It’s someone who is a high trust guy.”

How has the recruiting process been for you? Any potential offers or any other interests?

“Unfortunately I have no offers or interests at the moment.”

Do you have any goals for this season? / What do you want to get out of this season?

“My goals for the season are to make the playoffs, and go further than we did last year.  Also I’m trying to be offered or have interest from colleges.”

How do you enjoy playing at Livingston and is it a good fit for you and your football talent?

“Livingston is a good fit for me because It’s where I met my teammates who understand me & when it’s fun it’s VERY FUN.”

Are there any players you model your game after or watch their tape?

“A player I model my game after is Penei Sewell. He has a different type of swagger to his game that intriguing. Plus he’s one of the drippiest lineman i’ve seen in a while. I watch his tape all the time.”

How do you balance football and school?

“Time management is a big thing for me. Plus I always like to take breaks from both football and school because sometimes it can get stressful and that’s ok because I have learned to rest and not to quit. So resting is a big thing for me.”

How do you prepare yourself for a football game?

“Music, music is the main thing I need for a football game. Also I have to make sure I look good before the game because if I look good I play good.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“My teammates would describe me as fearless, reliable, and mostly relatable.”