DITR: Julien Davis

Class of 2023 middle linebacker, Julien Davis, attends Union Grove High in McDonough, GA and stands at 6’1 weighing 215 pounds. He is very dedicated and hard working on and off the field. Julien is an explosive player and someone who knows how to continuously put pressure on his opponents. He benches 200 and squats an impressive 455 pounds. His skill and talent speak for itself as he stays all over the field and doesn’t loose sight or let go of the person he’s covering. He is someone who wants to learn and is a coachable and dynamic player. Julien has an offer from Tennessee.


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

“I was born in New York and I’m the youngest of six siblings. I am also proud of my Jamaican background.

What is one athletic and one academic goal you have set for yourself this year?

“Athletically, I want to get my feet faster and get lower on tackles. Academically, I want to get a higher GPA not just for eligibility, but to show that I can actually apply myself with the work I am given. I would also like to go into Engineering and Computer Science in college.

What is the difference between your mindset before a practice and before game?

“Before a practice, it is more learning and making sure I am reading everything correctly. Before a game, I focus on doing my job and hoping that everyone does their job.”

How did you start playing football?

“I started playing football when I saw my cousins playing from a young age. When I moved to Georgia, I didn’t want to play anything else.”

How would you describe your style of play?

“I would say fast. I have to work on making sure I don’t over read the play.”

What are you most excited for in your future of football?

“I’m most excited for the connections. Football is a way to meet new people. Football can end at any moment and having connections is good in the long run.”

Who or what keeps you motivated?

“My cousins that I learned football from. My cousins went to the college level and weren’t able to finish so I want to get to the point where they were and go beyond that.”

What has been a highlight for you so far in your football career?

“Making All Region this year.”

What is something you have learned from football that you are able to apply in your everyday life?

“Apply pressure to anything you are doing. As a man I have to apply pressure to anything I want done.”

For people who don’t know you, what do you want them to know about Julien Davis?

“I’m always willing to learn anything that is going to apply to my life. I’m always learning and always working at the same time.”

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