January 31, 2023

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Diamond in The Rough: Adison Arnholt

Adison Arnholt Is a class of 2022 MLB for Belen Jesuit Prep in Miami, FL. Adison Is 6’0 and weighs 210. He runs a 4.9 40, 4.6 shuttle, benches 225, benches 185 for 20 reps, squats 370, deadlifts 400, and cleans 175. Arnholt does a great job of navigating the field and taking good pursuit angles. When watching his film, you’ll notice he’s always active and finds a way to be involved on a play. Something that stands out the way he plays is how he sheds blocks and makes his way around to all the action. 

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How long have you been playing football?Since seventh grade.

What is it that you like about playing football? I like the brotherhood and that it brings us together and made a family out of us, I made the best friends I possibly could have had in football.

Do you prefer playing inside or outside LB? I prefer playing inside just because of the fact that it’s physical, I love the physicalness and being able to disrupt the run.

Would you consider yourself more of a run stuffer or a drop back into coverage kind of LB? I would consider myself a run stuffer because I cause chaos in the run game.

What is it that you like about playing LB? The physicality and being the leader of the defense because I see it as controlling the formation and leading people to the right spot.

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What separates you from others? I have really good leadership qualities and  I am able to make an impact on the game. 

What area of your game needs work? I could work on my speed; I feel like it’s decent, but I could always get better.

What are you doing to get better? Working out as much as I can either on the field or in the weight room, doing anything possible to help my game as a whole.

Why did you decide to play LB? In the beginning I wanted to play DE, but my coach told me I have a LB build so I perused that and once I did I fell in love with the position.

Can you play any other positions? I have played D-line before because they needed me but, any position a coach asks me to play I feel I can do it.

Do you play any other sports? I played basketball for a while, but I wanted to fully commit to football.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you? I think as a fun guy and at the same time a leader. I’m also the guy that tries to make everyone on the team feel good, I never try to bring anyone down for any reason.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? The biggest one is family and being there for each other; making sure that you help people build onto themselves and basically grow and in that fact, you could help yourself grow so it’s just the whole idea of family.

Would you prefer covering a RB or TE? I like covering both, with a TE you get a bigger body and your able to get more hand on them, with RB it’s more speed but I feel it’s more fun because they have more routes, and you learn from that.

What do you think makes a good LB? I think the ability to lead the defense, read plays, and make sure nothing gets past you. 

Why should colleges give you a shot? Because I’m a natural leader, I’ll make sure everyone on the defense does what they’re supposed to do and make sure everyone is on the same page. Also, I’ll give you 100% no matter what and I’ll be that person that will come through with a play when the team needs it.

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