Diamond in The Rough: Camden Brown

Camden Brown is a class of 2022WR for St.Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Camden is 6’4 and weighs 205lbs. He’s a serious deep threat; when watching his film, some things that stand out are his ability to adjust to the ball, make contested catches, and high point the ball. What’s most impressive is his speed and how he’s able to move; someone his height should not be able to fly around the field like he does and have such great body control.

Click here to watch Camden’s highlights

How long have you been playing football? Since I was five years old

What is your favorite route to run? Go and hitch 

Do you have a signature move? The griddy!!! Gotta put on for Louisiana that’s our dance

Can you play any other positions? I used to play FS

What stands out about the way you play (speed, toughness,etc.)? My physicality

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When you line up what goes through your head pre snap? I think of my papa everytime

What do you think makes a good widereciever ? Your mindset

How do you create separation from a DB? Your release

Why did you choose to play WR? My dad was like you gone be tall so I know you gone be great

What are you doing to get better? Getting out of my breaks faster

Do you have any goals for this season? Have a better season than last year

Why should any college give you a chance? I’m that dog they been looking for

What do you bring to the table for any team? Leadership