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Rising Star: Gavench Marcelin

Gavench Marcelin is a class of 2024 DE for Belen Jesuit Prep in Miami, FL. Gavench is 6’3 and weighs 220lbs.  The dual-sport athlete looks like a man amongst boys; he displays great athleticism, making plays all over the field on defense and special teams. Gavench has great size and length and shows he knows how to use it. Aside from his size, he has great speed for his position, and you can see on his film just how fast he can get off the ball and how explosive his first step is. Gavench is constantly in the backfield making plays and shows great pursuit and sideline to sideline speed. He is definitely someone you want to keep your eyes on as he’s just now entering his sophomore year and already makes it look easy.

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How long have you been playing football? Since I was five, this is my 11 the year.

What do you enjoy most about playing DE? I love rushing the QB, causing momentum for the team, and setting my offense up. 

What separates you from others? I feel like my work ethic is better than anyone else’s, I’m always the hardest worker on the field, the gym, and anything I’m doing. I am also very competitive.

What are you doing to get better? I’m always in the gym, on and off field workouts, getting my footwork, quickness, and hands, the whole 9. 

What made you choose to play DE? Ever since I was a kid in little league that’s where I played, and my coach told me that’s where I’d get paid so that’s what I stuck with.

Can you play any other positions? I could play OLB, TE, FB, WR, RB, I feel like I can play any position except QB.

Do you play any other sports? I’m going to start track and I play basketball.

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What do you think makes a good DE? Hand quickness, being able to shed a block in the pass and run game, and being a secure tackler.

What’s your go to move? It depends on the situation, if it’s a pass down and I have to go get the quarterback I’ll probably use a speed rush at the edge because I’m faster than most tackles.

What kind of scheme do you think you’d fit best in? I feel like I can fit in any scheme whether you want my hand in the ground or switching to OLB.

What goes through your mind pre snap? I do my pre snap reads and I look at the centers hands to know when to get off the ball. I also look at the tackle if his hands in the ground but, even the guard could tell me and that all leads up to the play.

What do you think is you biggest strength? My quickness and my get off the ball.

What is your biggest weakness? Being not as involved in the run game as I should be, I should be more of a run stopper.

When you are getting past offensive linemen do you prefer using speed, power, or technique? A mix of everything, you need technique to get you through, speed to get off the ball, and the power to not be easily pushed over. 

Is there a player you can compare yourself to? Yes, a mix of Montez Sweat’s speed and Chase Young’s power.

Why should colleges give you a shot? My work ethic, competitiveness, being a good leader on and off the field, and my winning mentality.

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