Diamond in The Rough: Julius Johnson

Julius Johnson is a class of 2022 LB and FB for Newberry high school in Newberry, FL. Julius is 5’9 and weighs 227. He benches 315, benches 185 for 17 reps, squats 500, and sports a 3.3 GPA. The converted DT has good speed and packs a serious punch. DO NOT let his size fool you; if he gets the chance to punish someone, he will not miss out. His low center of gravity makes him explosive and helps get a good pop when he goes to tackles, someone. Johnson has a great work ethic and strives to be a leader. He never gives up on a play and sets the tone for his team. During the offseason, Julius works out twice a day and works on conditioning. Julius is the type of player that is very hardworking and leads by example.

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How long have you been playing football? Since little league when I was 7.

Do you play any other sports? Baseball.

Can you play any other positions? I could play D-line.

What position do you prefer playing? Linebacker.

What position do you see yourself playing at the next level? Linebacker if I grow a little bit more but I still see myself as a linebacker at the next level.

Do you have any role models? My big cousin, my pops, and my personal trainer.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? It taught me about hardship, and nothing is going to be easy you got to work through it no matter what.

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Do you have any goals for this season? Have over 100 tackles.

What set you apart from others? I try to lead by example instead of just talking.

What are you doing to get better? Two a day workouts, conditioning, and I’m just putting in whatever I can do for myself this year.

What makes you a good LB and FB? My speed.

What are the necessary traits to play these positions? Knowledge on the field and being able to fly around the field and be in shape.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you? A leader that’s what I hold myself accountable for.

What is the most rewarding part of playing LB and FB? Being able to run through somebody and not get in trouble for It that’s what I love about the sport.

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