December 3, 2022

Belaire Bengals Fall to McKinley

The Belaire Bengals were defeated Friday night by the McKinley Panthers by a score of 41-0. The Bengals have 1 game remaining in the regular season at home against Tara. The Bengals look to improve to 2-9 on the season.

There were certainly bright spots for the Bengals in a game that could easily be viewed as catastrophic from a box score point of view. Senior linebacker Jayden Butler made some fantastic plays for the Bengal’s defense including a massive sack on the McKinley quarterback. Despite the score, the Bengal’s defense actually played another solid game. They were left in a lot of short-yardage situations from an offense that struggled to move the ball at times, and a special teams that allowed points and field position battles to be lost all game. 

Another player that continues to be consistent and reliable is running back Javieon Morgan, who has been an absolute workhorse all season long. Morgan is not only a player that is making plays game in and game out, but it is very apparent while watching the Belaire team that being successful as a team matters to him more than anything and he leaves everything on the field every time he touches it. 

 Special teams proved to be fatal for Belaire, with a kick return and punt return each going for touchdowns and another 2 of their punts being blocked. That was something that gave the Panthers momentum all game and restricted Belaire from ever being in positive yardage scenarios to try to gain some momentum of their own.

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