Southern Lab dominates the Belaire Bengals 45-6

Southern Lab took on the Belaire Bengals tonight and they put on a show. Belaire’s efforts were seen through until the end as their players left it all on the field but unfortunately still came up short. This Friday night match up was filled with speed, great footwork, amazing catches, and energy from both sides stands.

The first quarter of the game Lutrell Pruitt (#21) put Southern Lab on the scoreboard which lead to its more eventful second quarter. Reginald Johnson (#6), one of our recent Diamond in the Rough interviewees, started off the second quarter with a bang as he found his way to the end zone giving his team their second touchdown of the night. On the defensive end, SU Lab put some pressure on the Bengals as their quarterback was sacked by Adrian Bonds Jr. The Bengals also fumbled the ball shortly after which was promptly recovered by the Kittens defense. As the Kittens make their way down field Reginald Johnson evades the Bengals defense in such manner that some would say he was dancing through them and into the end zone for the second time. Belaire appeared to charge down field with a vengeance on their next possession and they let it be known they were very much in the game. Kevin Williams Jr. (#12) was able to catch one in theend zone that was just above his head which put his team on the board. The Bengals went for a two-point conversion on this one but Kevin Williams Jr. was unable to snag the ball on this attempt. Then, Reginald moved swiftly through the defense on the return to and ended up on the 40-yard line which was followed by a little run from Herman Brister (#3). Herman was not ready to give the ball up on this possession, so the next play he took it to the end zone for another Southern Lab touchdown but his first for the night. The Kittens also attempted a two-point conversion that was unsuccessful which left the first half of the game 20-6, Southern Lab.

Kevin Williams Jr.

Entering the third quarter, Southern Lab were returning the ball and the Bengals would be attempting to steal the momentum back. Unfortunately, Reginald Johnson decided that would not be the case as his electrifying return, just shy of 90 yards, drove the crowd crazy, He could not be stopped or even touched by the Bengals defense.  Belaire struggled on their attempt to make something of their next possession but still attempted for a couple catch that were almost caught. Southern Lab continued to push on with Lutrell Pruitt who ran for a touchdown which was no good do to a personal foul called on one of his teammates. This gave the Bengals defense some extra yards to work with but Herman Brister went outside ran the ball for his second touchdown of the night. Their field goal was no good and Belaire’s next possession saw a strong run with positive yardage from Jakhari Bullock who caught the Kittens defense off guard. There was also a 15-yard penalty on SU Lab that was followed by an 8-yard carry from Kevin Williams Jr. to end the quarter. The fourth quarter’s time was eaten up by the Kittens first possession which started with some yards and great movement from Shawn Bates (#5) who stayed down after the play as he appeared to be injured on the play. Luckily, Bates eventually got up and there was another gain of about 8 yards or so from Brister. Next Sedrick Thomas (#17) cut across the field escaping the Bengals defense with the help of his offensive line and scored the last touchdown of the game. This left the score at 45-6 and gave Southern Lab a win.


Reginald Johnson

The standout players for this game were undoubtedly Reginald Johnson, Herman Brister, and Kevin Williams Jr. Each one of these men appeared to be a go-to guy for their team and consistently made plays throughout the game. Although this was a tough loss for the Bengals they fought until the clock ran out and pushed as hard as they could in their last possession. The Kittens played well and will look to carry this momentum into next week when they face Madison Prep.