Rising Star, QB Carson Gurzi, Youngsville Middle School (Youngsville, Louisiana)

Carson Gurzi is a 6 ‘0, 170 lb quarterback out of Youngsville Middle School in Youngsville, Louisiana. Carson tore up the 2023 Junior High Gridiron Bowl with 162 yards through the air on only 4/7 completions, along with two passing touchdowns. He displayed amazing presence in the pocket along with a strong arm. Despite only having a five game season this year, Carson lit up box scores and totaled 13 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, 1115 passing yards and 112 rushing yards on an astounding 72/85 completion rate. His competitive style of play, and overall talent has garnered the attention of some notable names. Former Arkansas and current UCF quarterback KJ Jefferson even reached out to congratulate Carson. Below is a Q&A I did with Carson.

Who do you model your play after the most?

I am not big into the NFL, but college- wise, I would say I model it the most after KJ Jefferson.

What moment made you love football?

The first time I was in my backyard and picked up a football. I instantly fell in love with the game throwing the ball with my dad.

What is the biggest challenge you had to face on the field and how did you face it?

I absolutely love my boys up front, but at this age defensive lines are more developed than offensive. It has forced me to become more of an improviser and has overall helped my game.

What aspirations do you have after your playing career?

I would like to pursue a degree in Kinesiology in college. I would love to be a physical therapist or trainer. I also want to coach college football at some point in my life. If I don’t end up back in sports, I want to be a pastor.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I love how competitive it is. I absolutely love competing and this sport gives you an opportunity for it like no other. If I am having a bad day, I can channel that and leave it all on the field.

What school do you want to play for in college?

I would love to end up in the SEC. It is where the highest level of competition is so I would fit right in. If I had to choose one it would probably be Arkansas. They have been my favorite school since childhood because my father played there.

Any pre game rituals or superstitions?

I wouldn’t say I’m too superstitious of a person. My main pregame routine involves lots of hydration and prayer.

Any other sports you play or would be interested in playing in high school?

I am going to be playing baseball in high school.

What about your game stands out to you?

 I don’t care who is in front of me. You can be a five star or a no star, and i’m still going to run you over and show you why I’m the guy.