Gridiron Top 300: Cooper Flanagan

Cooper Flanagan is a 4⭐ Tight End in the class of 2023. Flanagan plays at De La Salle High School in Concord, California, and stands at 6’5”, 228-Pounds. He is the #8 Tight End in his class and the #10 overall recruit from the state of California and is committed to attending the University of Notre Dame. 

Do you have any goals for the rest of the 2022 season? Continue to compete, get better as an overall player and help to lead my team. Help support my teammates as well. The ultimate goal is still to try and get a state bid as a team.

What inspires or motivates you to play football? Love to compete, love to win. I do like to put in the work, a good workout just feels good. Love the physicality of the sport and the connections with the fellas, that keeps me motivated.

What is your biggest strength as a football player? I think my strength is my physicality and ability to be athletic in a game, as well as support my teammates as a leader. 

How are you looking to improve your game going forward? Always look to get better at route running, catching everything that is thrown to me of course, and continue to work on blocking so my teammates have an opportunity to run the ball. Want to be game ready for Notre Dame on day 1   

What role do you play as a leader on the team?  I am a captain, so I need to be a role model on every play. I help support the younger players, we have brought up several this year. I work hard to practice at game speed every day so the team knows that is expected of them too. 

What is your proudest Football Moment? I think for this 2022 season, I am very proud to be a captain, elected by the team but also proud to have had a Win vs St Francis. That loss taught me a ton as a Junior. 

 If you had to compare yourself to a college of a professional player, Who would it be? Some coaches have compared me to (Pat) Freiermuth from the Steelers. Some have said Davis Allen from Clemson. I’d like to say a little Micheal Myer, and a little Mark Andrews. I watched all their film to learn from each of them. Tight ends are used more and more, so I get to learn from so many at this point.

What is an example of you overcoming adversity as an athlete? I would say that the 2020 season delay was rough, having it delay my Sophomore year was not easy, only playing local teams and then back to a regular schedule the following junior season. But that 2020 season gave me the opportunity to get bigger and stronger, work on my route running, and Juggs workouts. I tried to take the struggle and make the best.

Why did you choose Notre Dame? I chose Notre Dame because I felt like I really fit the school and the football program. They develop great TEs that do well in the NFL. The coaches are also easy to connect with and understand how I can help the team, I could see that right away. 

What is something you would want college coaches to know about you? I have a great family, who supports me with everything I do. And most of my extended family are from back East so I know I have support on the West and East coasts! I have a close group of friends, many I have known since like Kindergarten. I played AAU travel basketball and travel Lacrosse for years and honestly, thought I would play D1 Lacrosse, until Freshman year when my passion for football just took over. I work hard every day to be better, both at football and in life in general. I really look forward to making an impact on the field come Fall 2023.

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