Diamond In The Rough: Tommy Reese

Tommy Reese is a 6’1 210 pound, Class of 2023 Linebacker and Tight End from Mission Viejo High School in California. At linebacker he is able to instinctively find the gaps in the offense and  either stop the run or get to the quarterback. Not only is he able to be disruptive against the run, but he also has the ability to use his speed to cover slot receivers and get from sideline to sideline to make tackles. As a Tight End he is able to use his speed in the middle of the field and even make plays with the deep ball. Tommy has good instincts and feel for the game, especially finding open spaces on offense and filling holes in the defense. 

Check Out Tommy’s highlights here

Who or what got you into playing football? When did you start? My dad got me into football. He played in High School. I started playing around like 7 or 8 years old. I knew I wanted to keep playing after I scored my first touchdown as a kid.

How did you manage to stay in shape during the lockdowns in California? My family made a weight room in our garage. My parents bought some weights and bars and I was able to stay in shape from that. 

What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming season? Just being able to play again and hitting people.

What are your biggest strengths? My speed, I had a 4.64 40 yard dash. I also have good instincts from studying film and picking up what the offense is doing.

What do you want/need to improve on? I want to get more football smart, understanding schemes while I am on the field so that I can recognize them in-game and be able to play faster and smarter.

How do you manage schoolwork and football? I always do homework either in class or make time after practice for homework. 

Do you do any other sports? How do they help you in football? I do throwing in track and field. I feel like it makes me more explosive on the football field.

What does football mean to you? Everything, my whole life. I see it as a way to go to college and become a better person. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Playing Division-1 Football

If you could choose one place to travel to and vacation for a week. Where would you go and why? Australia, I love all the things you can do, the animals you can see, and the beaches.

Do you have any hobbies outside of sports? I like to play video games with my friends when I have time. 

Do you have a specific diet you follow? What’s your cheat food? I do my best to stay away from soda and sweets, but my mom’s homemade spice cake is a must-have when she makes it. 

What can you bring to a college program? What are you looking for in a program? I can bring my strong work ethic and coachability. I always want to build a strong relationship with my coaches and teammates and help create a positive environment. 

Did you always play your position(s)? I played Receiver and Tight End and Defensive End before high school.

How do you prepare for a game? I visualize the game in my head and watch some film, just helping get myself into the right mental state. 

What is the biggest adversity you have faced? How did you get through it and become better? COVID. It was tough to have the season delayed, but it taught me how to focus on myself and improve myself and put my head down and work. 

Who is an NFL or College Player you like? What from their game would you add to yours? Ray Lewis, I love the intensity and the heart he plays with. I also like Luke Kuechly and how smart he is on the field, he can even call out plays the offense will run before they happen. 

What is the highlight of your football career so far? Playing San Clemente against some of my old Pop Warner teammates.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about life or yourself from football? Hard work can take you a long way. To just keep working hard

If you weren’t a football player what do you see yourself doing? Hard to imagine my life without football. Probably just a job in the future that allows me to help other people that need it.