March 27, 2023

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Gridiron Football Top 300: Jurrion Dickey

Photo Credit: Pierre Whitsey, PierrePierre Productions

Jurrion Dickey is a 6’2 205 lbs. Wide Receiver in the Class of 2023 from Valley Christian High School. Not only is he a great receiver, but he is a dynamic playmaker and athlete when he gets the ball in his hands on special teams. As a kick returner, he is fast, reads the field well, and has the ability to make a huge return when he has the ball. As a receiver, he always seems to be open no matter what the defense does to stop him. If the defense can hit him he has the strength and physicality to fight through a tackle, keep his balance, and keep running downfield. He can make a contested catch with ease and has the awareness to keep his feet in bounds on the sideline or endzone receptions. His physicality paired with his speed, IQ, and high motor will make him a very productive talent at the next level as a receiver.

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When did you start playing football? Who or what got you into football? When I was 5 years old my parents got me into it and my brothers play also

What does football mean to you? It means a lot to me, it’s my passion. When I am playing it feels like this is what I should be doing and it makes me happy.

What is your favorite part about your position? I get to beat the guy on the other side of the line. I love catching a slant and bouncing off a Linebacker. Plus I love running which is a big part of being a receiver.

How have you stayed in shape over the long break in action for California High School Football? Working out with my teammates, playing 7on7, and training outside of school. 

How do you manage schoolwork and football? Time management. I have a schedule for when to do homework and study.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself or life through football? Distractions come, being a human you’ll like to have fun but you realize you have to prioritize what’s needed to accomplish what you want to get done.

Do you do any other sports? How do they help with football on the field? Yes, I play basketball. It involves running constantly, helps with my lateral quickness, catching a ball, and my hand-eye coordination.

How do you think your coaches and teammates would describe you? Being a powerful receiver and fast for my size. I run a 4.5 40. Outgoing and motivating for my teammates. I try to be a leader and communicate with teammates in a game, telling them what I see in the defense before the play. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? NFL Period. I’ve always wanted to play in the NFL.

What has been the highlight of your football career so far? Becoming a highly recruited athlete early on in age. Learning about the recruiting process just enjoying the process.

Do you or your coaches have any goals for you in the upcoming season? The goal is to get me the ball more and get more yards for the team. I want at least 1,000 yards receiving especially because we have been able to have such a successful running game over the last few years, I feel like that will help open things up for me. Our team’s goal is to win the league championship and then state

Do you have any nicknames? Why or how did you get it? Yes I have one, JUJU. In 8th grade, my friend Marvisha came to me and was like “Jurrion you feel like a JuJu to me”. So due to her everyone in middle school started calling me JuJu. I grew to like it and started putting it on my social media and now everyone calls me JuJu. People always ask me if it’s because of JuJu Smith-Schuster, but I had the nickname before he got famous. 

Are there any pre-game rituals or superstitions you do before a game? Funny that you asked. Before every game, I listen to music, and before I hop on the field I have to give my mom a hug and kiss (she gives a little speech) always says “Do You” and I pray.

What are your biggest strengths? My route running and IQ of the game, and I feel like both feed into each other. I am good at getting away and creating separation for a window my quarterback can throw to. 

Do you have any weaknesses or anything you want to improve on? I tend to run too high on some routes. So I am trying to be even more efficient on my routes. 

Who’s your favorite NFL or College Player you idolize?What from their game would you like to add to yours? I used to idolize De’Anthony Thomas & Tavon Austin. They are very explosive & dominant players on the field. Their mentality was to be the best at everything, fight hard for what you want, and show off and show out on the field. They made the game look easy and were big time players at one point and could do it all, I want to be that type of player.

Do you have a diet? If so, what is your cheat food? I honestly don’t have a diet. Just eat at a controllable and healthy point, but I do love my mom’s baked beans, BBQ ribs, and collard greens.

What is the biggest adversity you have had to face in life? How did you make it through and come out the other side better? I faced two major ones, being my knee injury and being in a car crash with my mom. The knee injury hit hard because I was born with an abnormal meniscus, which caused my knee to blow out at 14 so it was hard when the doctors told me I wouldn’t play football again, it was hard to deal with all thoughts that were going through my head like, would I be able to play football ever again. The situation with my mom was bad since we both could’ve died on that day if God didn’t step in. I faced them and kind of had to. It caused a grade slip up majorly and I’m still trying to recover mentally from these two incidents, but I am working hard and am back playing high-level football once again.

What/ Who is the biggest motivator for you to keep working hard? The biggest motivator in my life is my mom. She has been through hell & back. The way she carries herself as a single parent is wonderful. She pushes us to be the best we can become and gives all the love in the world. She’s there for us every moment in life. She is sitting on the side of me right now. She doesn’t miss anything. She helped me through my injuries and pushed me to work hard and get back to the player I was before the incidents, and now I am thanks to her support. She always finds a way to lift me up and she always prays for me when I need it. 

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