December 2, 2022

DITR: DeJuan Lewis

DeJuan Lewis is a class of 2022 safety for Shadow Creek High School out of Pearland, TX. DeJuan stands at 5’11 and weighs 185 pounds and makes his presence known on the field. Last year, as a junior, DeJuan accumulated 66 tackles and 4 interceptions. DeJuan has an excellent IQ for the game as he combines his speed with his ball skills to disrupt many plays. He also has excellent vision and uses that to get after the ball carrier. He is a tough kid, waiting to make the big play.

Check out DeJuan’s highlights here:

How long have you been playing the game of football? “I’ve been playing the game of football since I was 4 years old.”

Who or what motivated you to start playing the game of football? “My dad. He’s the reason I’m the type of football player I am today. And my mom played a huge part of everything in my football career. They’ve both shaped me into the person and player I am today.”

At the collegiate level, what can your coaches and teammates expect from you? “That they’re getting more than just an athlete. My IQ of the game, my leader tendencies, my playmaking abilities, my ballhawk skills, and my tenacity to get to the ball carrier is what my next home should expect out of me.”

What player(s) do you model your game after? “Some players I model my game after are Deion Sanders, Kam Chancellor, Troy Polamalu, and Jamal Adams.”

How would your current teammates describe you? “They would describe me as a great teammate, an awesome person to be around and a great leader on and off the field.”

What are some things you can improve on as a football player? “One thing I can always improve on is my breaks. I can always make them more crisp and more fluent. They’re pretty good but that’s something I can always improve on as a DB.”

What would you say is your biggest strength as a football player? “I would say my IQ of the game or my ball hawking skills. I watch a lot of film and can break down route combos in my head within seconds before the plays. And with me being a dual sport athlete, I play baseball so my tracking skills from the outfield translate right over onto the football field.”

What is your main goal for this season? “To find my next home and be all state!”

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