DITR: DB Tadarius Wright, Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL)

One of the many standouts from the 2023 Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game was Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL) defensive back Tadarius Wright. The 6’0, 190-pound defensive back represented the state of Florida really well in the Boot at the bowl game as he showed why he was an early bowl game draft pick by Andy Bryson. In the game, he was a part of a secondary that only gave up 23 yards total passing.

Wright proved to be discipline in coverage and seemed to always be around the football. Playing for the West Team, Wright finished with 2.5 tackles and an impressive interception that set the tone for what kind of game it was going to be in a defensive struggle.

“As a defensive back, I’ve always been taught to watch the hips so as he approached my cushion at the top of his route, he came within 7 yards, so I knew that route was an out route and also the quarterback rolled out the same way.”

Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL) DB Tadarius Wright

When evaluating his performance, Wright thought it was a great exclamation point to cap off a great senior season in which he was all over the field making plays with 83 tackles, one interception, two forced fumbles, two sacks, and nine pass deflections. Modeling his game after Houston Texans safety Jalen Pitre, this big, physical safety takes pride in making sure that no receivers have success on him.

“I would say it is an A+ because I had no balls caught on me and anything that came my way didn’t get past me.”

Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL) DB Tadarius Wright

The experience was also great as Wright got to learn more defensive techniques that will help him after high school.

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“I learned different coverages, different DB techniques, and also how it feels to play with teammates outside of my hometown. The experience was great and more than I expected.”

Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL) DB Tadarius Wright

Right now, the Escambia Gators’ Team MVP has received offers from FAU, Clarke University, McPherson College, Coffeyville, and West Alabama. Despite the offers, Wright has said that he is still going through the recruiting process as he also likes Florida State, Mississippi State, Alabama, and Troy. With a high football IQ, good frame, ball hawking ability, anticipation, there is a lot to like about #4. Wright has also shown that he is not just a great guy in coverage, but he can also lay the wood when he needs to. Most of all, he is a student of the game that is always finding ways to get better on the field.

“My passion for the game is unmatched. I play every game like it’s the last. I give 100% even if it’s a lower competition game. I’ve mastered my craft, but always open for new techniques.”

Escambia High School (Pensacola, FL) DB Tadarius Wright

As a three-sport athlete that also plays basketball and runs track, Wright is a talented individual that also knows how to cut hair as well. That is the perfect hobby for Tadarius Wright as whether it is cutting hair or cutting routes, he is going to make sure somebody is going to pay.

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