December 3, 2022

Diamond in the Rough: Micah Balzarini

Micah Balzarini is a class of 2024 quarterback out of Blair Academy in Blairstown, New Jersey. Micah is originally from Puyallup, Washington but he recently transferred to Blair in the spring. He is 6’3 and weighs about 195 pounds. Micah has all the tools to be a great quarterback at the next level. He has a strong arm, incredible accuracy, excellent footwork in the pocket, great leadership, and a high football IQ. While watching his highlights, the first thing that jumped out to me was his ability to throw on the run. Not only is he accurate when firing a pass to his receiver in the boundaries, but he has the ability to showcase his arm talent while rolling out of the pocket. Also, Micah does a great job of staying in the pocket and finding his receivers downfield. He’s not afraid to wait until the last second to make his throw and take a hit for his team to gain a few extra yards. As of right now, Micah’s current GPA is a 3.85. 

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in fourth grade, so I was I think 10.

What is your best aspect as a football player?

I think my best aspect would be my leadership or how cerebral I am on the field. Being able to spot the defense and see what they’re up to before they do it. 

Can you talk about the leadership aspect that comes with the quarterback position?

It’s something I’m continuously getting better at every year. I think it’s kind of specific to every player that you’re playing with. Not everyone has the same leadership style, some guys you need to pat them on the back, other guys you have to get on them. It really depends on who you’re trying to lead and the guys on your team. 

What is your personal goal for this season?

I think personally just trying to get better. The better I can get, the better my team around me will be. Also the more opportunities to get my guys to succeed and make plays with the ball in their hands. 

Is there anything you worked on specifically this past offseason/summer?

During the offseason specifically I was just trying to get bigger, faster, and stronger. For my mechanics wise, you’re always taught what you are doing. I was with a couple quarterback coaches over the summer and I was kind of honing my game a little more. You can never be as good as you are, you can always get better. 

What motivates you?

I would say it’s the fact that I was always kind of overlooked. In Washington, there were a lot of guys who were like, “that this guy is better than him, there’s a lot of guys who can make plays or not be able to get stars until later in my high school career”. There’s a lot of stuff like doubt and people doubting me would probably be one of the things that motivates me to get better and better every year and prove people wrong.

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Football aside, who is your biggest role model or someone you look up to?

I would say my dad. Just how he runs his life, the man he is, how he runs his family, and the way he’s able to include everyone. He is a really good leader in his own respect too with running his business. I would say he’s a pretty good guy so, I would definitely model my life around how he runs his life. 

Are there any current college or NFL players that you might look up to and study their film?

I would say for young guys right now, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. I think that I have that edge and fire that Joe Burrow has. Also the ability to stay calm in primetime situations like Justin Herbert. 

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies right now, since I got to Blair I’ve been drawing a lot. When baseball comes around, I’ll play baseball. It’s not one of my main sports, so I would say it’s a hobby because I don’t invest a ton of time into it, but like to play it as well. And just hanging out with my boys here. 

What made you choose Blair Academy?

The school has a tremendous history, it’s been around for 175 years. The coaches specifically are a bunch of studs, they put together a great roster in my opinion and they run it like a college program. They expect a lot out of us, they hold us to a high standard and they treat us like adults. I think that was one of the reasons I mainly came here and the recruiting aspect as well. Coach Bowman does a really great job of putting all his guys that he believes in out to colleges

What separates you from the thousands of other recruits trying to play division I football.

I think it’s just my will to win. I hate losing so much and that’s my thing. I don’t want to lose in anything whether it’s ping-pong or chess, I really don’t care, I just want to win it. If a college is getting, they’re getting a winner. They’re getting somebody that is going to force these guys to be on their stuff to be able to put ourselves in the best position to win.

What is something that you would want college coaches to know about you?

I mean it’s really up to them. I want to find a program where I find happiness and feel good there at that program. If I’m able to create a good bond and mesh with them, they’ll be able to understand me and understand what I’m about. I feel like coaches will get a good vibe from me when I’m able to talk to them. It really just depends on what happens in those conversations. 

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