January 19, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Cedric Brown

Cedric Brown is a starting linebacker at Capitol Senior High School. He is coming off of a year in which he was not able to play due to transferring from Zachary High School, which is where all of his Hudl film takes place. He is a 4-star player rated at an 8.3 who is listed at 6’1 230lbs. On tape he mostly lined up as an edge rusher/defensive end, where he showed that he gets off the ball quick and is able to make tackles consistently. Talking to him, you will immediately notice the confidence and charisma anyone would love to have as a defensive leader.

I came out to practice and saw you doing some one-on-one drills and did not know what position you played.  The coaches said you’re a linebacker, but you looked good going against the DBs and Receivers. What position are you playing? 

I play linebacker. I’m going to play on the inside. 

Have you played at that position before or is this something new? 

No sir I really played running back and defensive end.  When I was at Zachary, I was a running back when I first got there.  We had a game and one of the defensive ends got hurt. But I was present, and I told coach that I’m good at D-end, you can try me out. That first play when I came off the ball, came off the line I knocked him out.  Ever since I just loved D-end because I come off the ball hard.  I have a lot of anger built up so anywhere on the defensive side of the ball I lay that wood. 

How long have you been playing football? 

I started playing my 6th grade year, but I stopped and started playing basketball my 8th grade year.  After basketball season was over I went strictly football after that. When they saw me playing football, they said I don’t need to play basketball anymore, so I focused on football. 

I know you did not get to play last year because of your transfer, but what are your expectations going into this year? 

Try to get better. I got a lot coming from a lot of anger that’s been building up since I had to sit out and a lot has been going on since the virus started and I have a lot of anger built up from that for this year. 

Speaking of the virus, the whole world shut down on top of you having to sit out last year. How have you been staying in shape? 

Due to the corona virus we had to stay inside for quarantine, so that’s all you could do is work out and that’s all was doing is working out.  My godparents got me a trainer and we hit the weight room every morning and did training in the evening. 

You work out a lot so what’s your max looking like? 

My last squat was 500. 

Do you watch football at all? 

I don’t really watch pro football or college games, what I like to do is go on YouTube and look up the  best players to try and learn their moves and techniques so I know what to do and what not to do. I just copy it down.  I’ll watch a move at least 6 times get up and try it, then I’ll even try it at practice. After I try it in practice, I just hope I can make it work in the games. 

Since you come from another school and had to sit out, are you familiar with your teammates? 

I mean I’m familiar with them because we are all from close to the same area around here. 

How are you feeling about the season? 

I feel like it will be a good season, I mean we just got to train and everybody get better.  If everybody is getting better it should play out good. 

Do you see yourself competing at a high level in college? You think you could make the league one day? 

Yes sir, I think I could do it.  If I work hard, I can do it.  I just have to put in that work and focus, that’s it.  

What do you think you are bringing to a college team when you get there?  

I’m trying to bring in championships. 

What motivates you to play? 

I have a lot of older people around me that have done everything I’m doing already.  I see the way their life is and me coming from the hood, they always tell me what not to do and what I could do.  I’m not trying to be that could’ve or should’ve type man.  I grew up basically on my own and was going down the wrong path and everyone around me was dying or going to jail.  I was the only one playing sports and they wouldn’t. they told me I need to keep playing to get them all out of the hood. Then I need to take care of my mama, she is married now but, she works hard and I want to get them out of the hood.