Diamond in The Rough: Brodie Reich

Brodie Reich is his name and aggressiveness and brotherhood is his game. Reich is a transfer from Brusly High School and is a current student in the class of 2021 at Zachary High School. Coming in at 6’5″ and weighing at 315 lbs, Brodie plays guard on the offensive line for his team. Not only is Reich a 5-star player, but we have him rated at a 9.3/10 because of his stats and impressive playing style. On the field, Brodie is the big guy with aggressive game. His focus is to always get the job done and is never afraid to go up against somebody during the plays. Brodie also plays baseball as well. Reich is always improving himself to the best person and football player he can be.

When did you start playing football?

First I started playing football in my seventh grade in middle school. I come from a baseball family. So, playing football makes me a little different in the family. I started out in middle school with football tryouts and I’ve been playing football since then.

So, what attracted you to playing football versus playing baseball like your family?

I was a bigger person back then and everybody would tell me ‘hey you got a big body, you could play football.’ So, I thought I would enjoy it and I’ve loved it ever since.

And is that the reason you kept on playing or was there something else?

Every time I get on the football field, I enjoy the play – its the atmosphere of being around my friends, creating that bond with your team. I’ve always loved football and have since the beginning.

Yeah, I get that. What are some goals do you have – individually and as a team – going into your senior season?

For my team, well last year was our first year making it to the semifinals for our football team –

– wow, congratulations.

Thanks. We’re just hoping to go further than that and work harder as a team to get there – get to the final round and become state champions.

How would you describe your playing style?

I tend to be very aggressive like whenever I get on the field – I’m not as friendly as I am off the field. I’m trying to get the job done for the running backs – creating that gap for them; to get that touchdown for victory.

Do you model your playing style after a certain collegiate or NFL player?

As a kid, I’ve always looked up to after seeing this movie about Brandon Burlsworth.* He was an offensive lineman for the Razorbacks, he was a walk-on player, and he became an outstanding lineman. I’ve always been motivated by him. It’s a really good story – it’s a documentary. That’s who I model after – he motivates me.

*Greater (2016)

Since you mentioned movies and films, do you have a life motto that you personally live by?

Be the best I can be. Work hard any chance I get.

That’s good, I like that. What do you love the most about football?

The atmosphere of having this bond you created with your team – playing together on this field, creating that bond through football and the hard work over the summer. It’s that strength you build with a friend and through blood, sweat, and tears. I just love the sport. It’s that brotherhood.

Could you expand more on what that brotherhood means to you?

It’s like you’d do anything for that person because y’all have such a great bond through all of the moments and experiences from football.

Yeah – absolutely. I understand, in a different way, but I get what you’re saying. So, when you’re not playing o-line on the field, what do you enjoy doing during your downtime? What are some hobbies of yours?

Well, I also play baseball too because it runs in the family. Usually, I’d go hunting with my friends or go out and so something fun. Sometimes, I’m a gamer. Overall, I’m a Louisiana guy hanging out with friends.

You mentioned that you play baseball as well. What’s it like playing two different sports in high school?

It’s fun. You got to maintain that athleticism. Like, right now, I’m playing baseball, but I always work out with my football team before baseball practice. After working out, then I go play baseball.

Definitely got to maintain that balance. Speaking of playing football, where do you see yourself playing on a collegiate level?

Like the dream college?


Well, my dad’s side is from Oklahoma and I’ve always been a Sooners fan. So, I’d love to play for the Oklahoma Sooners for college. Do you remember that night when LSU and Oklahoma were going against each other? I knew LSU was ten times better, but I was rooting for my Sooners. So, that would be my dream college.

Okay, I got you … my opinions and I are going to remain unbiased for this interview, but I will admit that Oklahoma had a good season as well. I notice that you’ve been referencing your family a lot. Are they your biggest role models? Do you have any other role models?

Yeah, I look up a lot to my dad. He has always been a big role model to me in the aspect of shaping me into the man I am today and just helping me throughout life – raising me to be the best person I am. He’s one of my biggest role models.

Aww that is so sweet. So, going back to football, how do you prepare for game days? What motivates you?

On game days we do a pre game lift and I’d go into the locker room, focus up, and put some head phones on – get that pumped up music going. Then, someone will knock on the door, letting us know to suit up, and now you got this mentality to win the ball game.

You keep bringing up the brotherhood aspect – which I understand. You have younger siblings and you practice, workout, and play with o-line everyday. What advice do you have for the younger players that look up to you?

Just always focus and don’t get into any bad situations. Stay out of trouble because it will get you one day. Listen to your coaches and work hard. When it comes to football, that’s the best thing you can do.

That’s some really good advice. So, looking outward on life, what would like to personally achieve?

Through football, I’d like to personally achieve college play. Collegiate football is the goal right now. Beyond that – maybe playing in the NFL or get a real job, obtain a degree, and eventually move somewhere and have my own family. I want to have an accomplished life.