January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Jacoby Bellazar

Speed kills! Jacoby Bellazar is a senior at Capitol Senior high coming in at 6’0 and weighing 180lbs. He is listed as a 4-star recruit playing Wide Receiver and Safety for his team. On top of being a 4-star player we have him rated as an 8.7/10 due to his crazy stats and his even more impressive break away ability. Jacoby displays just how much faster than the competition he is on film while also consistently displaying solid vision and an ability to make plays in all three facets of the game. He is a solid leader on his team who is not satisfied with the status quo and continues to work and improve his craft. 

How old were you when you began playing football? 

I was like 14 or 15

I know you previously ran track and played basketball, what made you want to start playing football? 

One day I was just looking and thought it looked easy and I think I might try it at some point. I went to practice and honestly didn’t like it but they kept telling me just to come back.  There was a game when I was playing safety and I caught an interception, I didn’t get a pick 6, but I did get the pick.  Later there was a 3rd and 20 and I caught a touchdown and after that I loved it.

So, let me ask you, what side of the ball do you prefer playing on? 

Both, I just like playing ball.

One thing that stood out when I watched your film is your speed, do you think that is your best attribute? 

My speed and the animal I got inside, those are my best.

Speaking of speed, I heard you ran a fast 40 time at an Alabama camp. What was the time? 

Yes sir, I ran a 4.38 second 40 

What parts of your game would you like to improve on going into your senior year? 

I would really like to improve throwing the ball this year, so my options stay open at the next level. 

What position would you like to play in college? 

I’ll play slot, safety, anything I need to.

You had some really solid stats last year to say the least (27 touchdowns and 9 interceptions), di you expect that type of production or how did that happen? 

Coach told me it was my year, he asked are you going let me down or turn me up this year? I told he we were gonna turn up this year, I got you. People were on social media saying they were going to stop number 9, I didn’t get into that but I noticed it. Then I got on the field and first play of the game I took it home, second play of the game was a pick 6.

What are your expectations going into this year, do you think you can top what you did last year? Maybe 30 touchdowns? 

My goal is to get 40 touchdowns this year. 

I’m just curious, you watch college and professional football? And who is your favorite player/team? 

Yes I do. My favorite player is Lamar (Jackson) and my team is the Ravens, I really like Ray Lewis. 

Who do you try to emulate your game after? 

On the defensive side of the ball, I’m Jalen Ramsey, I have that killer instinct like him.  On offense I think I’m like Tyreek Hill, I can turn on the jets and I’m gone.

I know you played other sports, are you still playing and is that how you stay in shape year-round? 

I play AAU travel basketball and I just workout or play basketball

How do you get ready for a game? 

I like to listen to music, mostly someone like YoungBoy.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? 

I see myself in college and after that I hope to see myself in an NFL draft room. I hope to move my family and mom out of the hood.

So, is that what motivates you or what does motivate you to play? 

It is really my grandma, she passed away and that motivates me. Seeing my uncle and what my family is doing and how they are living, I want to get them out of the hood.