November 30, 2022

Zachary Wins Homecoming vs. Scotlandville

Last night, the Broncos and the Hornets met in Zachary for an energetic and packed homecoming game. Both sides of the stadium shouted for their sides in support. For the entire duration of the game, the fans screamed for their teams and cheered them on. Zachary and Scotlandville both played aggressively trying to come out on top.

In the first quarter, Zachary scored 17 points over the Hornets, and at this point, Scotlandville hadn’t scored any. In the second quarter, the Zachary defense blocked and recovered the Hornet’s punt attempt and scored another touchdown bringing the Bronco’s score up to 24. Scotlandville gets the ball back and gains tremendous yardage to the 5 yard line. The Broncos defense forced the Hornets to kick a field goal and Scotlandville’s score was now up to 3. Scotlandville’s defense shut down the Bronco’s offense and the Hornets scored a touchdown with 1:43 seconds left in the first half.

After halftime, Zachary came out with an electric energy with a score of 24-10 over Scotlandville. The Zachary Broncos then scored the first touchdown of the second half bringing their score to 31. When Scotlandville came out on offense, they gained some yards, but Zachary’s defense pressured them. Zachary intercepted the ball and was then forced to kick a field goal, gaining 3 more points. Scotlandville’s quarterback kept the ball and scored a touchdown bringing their score up to 18.

In the fourth quarter, number 34 for Zachary scored another Bronco touchdown. When Scotlandville came back on offense, the quarterback found a nice opening pass to give the receiver a chance to score a touchdown. The score was 41 for Zachary and 24 for Scotlandville. Zachary scored again and then Scotlandville countered with another touchdown and a successful 2-point conversion. The final score was 48 Zachary and 32 Hornets.

To sum up, both teams performed well on defensive making it an aggressive and fun game to watch. There was some penalty trouble on both sides. Both sides also struggled a little bit offensively, but Zachary was able to win with a strong run and pass game.

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