January 25, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Kavarius Whitehead

Kavarius Whitehead is a 3* wide receiver out of Delta Charter in Ferriday, LA. Whitehead stands at 5’11 180 lbs, posting a bench of 250 lbs and an impressive 380 lb squat. Along with receiver, Kavarius is also utilized at the quarterback position, where his excellent speed makes him a threat on the ground for opposing defenses. At the receiving position, Whitehead possesses incredible deep threat ability. His ability to adjust his body towards the football makes him a crucial target for any signal caller looking downfield. Whiteheads speed allows him incredible ability to set the edge,with the capability of turning a 10 yard slant or 5 yard out into plays of plus 25 once he finds the outside numbers. Whitehead’s physical attributes and experience with multiple positions makes him a great plug-and-play athlete, who has the ability to be positioned on the field anywhere from the slot to defensive back if needed.

Tell me a bit about how you got started in football. How old were you and what made you interested in playing?

I began playing when I was around 8 years old. It started with me just playing pickup games in the yard with friends and family. From even a young age, I loved the physicality of it all, it really helped separate the men from the boys.

So, you also play some QB at Delta Charter, but is there any position that you have always been curious about giving a shot?

Definitely Safety. I love the opportunities it gives to go sideline to sideline and I think with my speed and my great strength, it’s a position that I’d be really good at. 

When it comes to role models in football, is there anyone at the college or professional level that you model your game after?

I’d say Odell Beckham Jr. He never gives up on the ball when it comes his way and I like that fight. He’s a guy that goes after everything and I love that sort of mentality. 

Have there been any goals that you set for yourself for this season?

Really just to improve my game in all aspects. Speed, catching, route running, and getting stronger. It’s more important to improve than to worry about this stat or that one I believe.

What about some goals that you and your team have looked to accomplish?

We take it a game at a time. It’s important for us to get a winning record, then win our district, and then of course make the playoffs. 

Tell me something about yourself that you believe makes you stand out as a high school athlete.

I would have to say my work ethic. I always try to go the extra mile in practice. I think it is important to go game speed all the time, even when it’s just practice. That makes you get used to it and makes you mentally tough.

Outside of football what are some hobbies or things you enjoy in your free time?

When I’m not practicing I enjoy being around my friends and family. I also love playing basketball. I actually play point guard on my high school’s basketball team and I run track as well.

Lastly, is there anything you believe that football has taught you about life?

Football has made me a better man. It prepares you for the real world because of all the adversity the game makes you overcome. I play football for my family, and when I succeed I feel like I can provide for them to succeed too.