January 19, 2022
"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"

Magic Water

I normally do not go out of my way to talk about products. I am not a paid spokesman and I am not getting anything out of talking about the following products from HWP Solutions in Baton Rouge. 

Last season when I coached the Crescent City Kings in New Orleans, HWP sponsored the team and brought us Ionized Alkaline Water to every game. We played during the summer and like most of you already know, it is extremely hot here in south Louisiana. Every team we faced, they would have cramps during the game and we did not. There was a noticeably difference in the hydration level in our guys. Now why is this important? I come from a family of loggers in south west Louisiana. This water is a refreshing thirst supplement and can keep you healthy as you workout, labor in the hot sun, or play extreme sports.

Another product that they sell is an air purifier. As most of you know very well, south Louisiana had its worst flood in over 1000 years. Homes in non flood zones flooded over for feet. Imagine if that was you, you buy a house not in a flood zone, then one day you have four feet of swamp water in your living room. Here in south Louisiana we have problems with mold since we have the best climate for it to grow at an astronomical rate. This air purifier has the ability to kill that mold, and remove mold spores from the air. This little machine and clean the air in a 3000 square foot house. Do you have cats? This same machine can eliminate those awesome cat box odors. This does not just mask any odor but eliminates the odor forever. The following video is of Arnold Kairdolf, co-owner of HWP with a contractor right after the flood.

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