January 22, 2022
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Diamond in the rough: Jordan Clark, De La Salle High School


Jordan Clark is a senior at De La Salle High School in New Orleans, LA. He is a very strong athletic defensive player and can play both middle and outside linebacker. Jordan loves to show aggression on the field and enjoys working hard with his teammates. He believes that football is something that requires 100% effort. Jordan is a hardworking, dedicated player and he pushes himself every day at practice. The main goal that he has for his team and for himself is to succeed in anything that they do. Jordan sees himself as a leader for his team and he loves pushing his teammates to do better.


When did you start playing football?


I started playing football at the age of 6, I played pee wee football.


Did you play any other sports besides football?


I played baseball my first three years in high school.


What made you interested in football?


When I was younger I always had a football in my hand. Growing up I loved to watch college games and imagine myself out there on the field.


What did you do to prepare during the off season?


I went to training camps, and I did a lot of extra things during the su


mmer to prepare for this season.


When inspired you to play football?


Ray Lewis and Clay Matthews, I love their demeanor out there on the field. I love how hard they work and the passion that they show for the sport reminds me a lot of myself!


What keeps you motivated?


My team keeps me motivated, I love

seeing them win and no matter what I always challenge myself to do my best and work hard for them. I push them on the field and they do the same for me.


What would your coaches say about the type of player that you are?


My coaches would say that I am someone that can easily be coached, they would say that I am a player that works hard and I show everyone the same respect.


What do you want to major in, once you get to college?


I want to major in either economics, business, marketing or real estate.


Height: 5’10


Weight: 225


Bench: 330


40 Time: 4.7


Power Clean: 275


Squat: 450


GPA: 3.5