Diamond in the Rough: Jaylin Brown

Jaylin Brown is a 6’1″, 190lbs. outside linebacker and free safety at Pineville High school in Pineville, Louisiana. Jaylin, a part of the class of 2021, is the ring leader on the defensive end for Pineville who recently won their first and second district games in the past 50 years. Jaylin uses his physique and superb vision to deliver hard blows to waiting receivers in the open field. Never shying away from the heavy hit and using his versatility to the maximum makes Jaylin a go-to-guy on the defense.

Check out Jaylin’s highlights HERE.

At what age did you begin playing football and what motivated you to play this sport?

Around 4 or 5 and my mom got me into football. She kind of asked me if I wanted to do it and I was just ready to play.

What’s been the highlight of your football career?

I would have to say this season, my senior season. We’ve done something that hasn’t been done in a while for our school, we won two district games which hasn’t been done since we joined 5A. We made the playoffs other than a 32-seed which hasn’t been done since we’ve been in 5A. I feel like this year has been the most efficient year.

How do you think coaches and teammates would describe you as a player?

I always feel like I’m more of the outstanding guys, being that leader that tries to make the best out of any situation. I have to keep my head up to keep other guys up.

Where do you see yourself in four years?

Hopefully on somebody’s college team but if that doesn’t work out then I would like to be an architect. I like math and I’m really good at it so I feel like it would be good to pursue.

What would you tell younger players who want to play high school football one day?

Work hard always, it’s definitely an experience that everyone should experience. I wish that I could go back to freshman year and just do it all over again.

Is there anyone you try to emulate on the field?

Jamal Adams. I feel like that’s who I try to look up to and play my game after. I like to hit, I like the energy he put out at LSU.

What motivates you the most?

Has to be my parents, they always want me to do better for myself, on and off the field.

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