DITR: Tydre Malone

Tydre Malone is a class of 2022 quarterback for Jonesboro-Hodge High School. He is 6’5 and weighs 200 pounds and has 3.3 GPA. He benches 200, he squats 340, and runs a 4.5 40 time. Tydre is very capable of making good passes and placing the ball in the right place whether they are short or long passes. He can also run to gain yards, if needed. So far this season, he has 12 touchdowns, 4 running touchdowns, and has an impressive 1,099 passing yards.


Tell me about yourself.

I’m from Jonesboro, LA. I like to play games and eat.

How did you start playing football?

Beginning of sophomore year. I was asked to play and I always said no, but when I started playing, I really enjoyed it.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from football?

To not take time for granted.

What is a long term goal you want to accomplish?

To make it to the NFL and take care of my family.

What keeps you motivated?

My friends that died.

Who would you compare your style of play to and why?

Lamar Jackson, I’ve been watching him for a long time.

What do you think sets you apart from other players?

When I am on the field you can see that I’m ready to play.

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