January 22, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Chandler Harrison

Chandler Harrison is a multiposition athlete for Delta Charter (Ferriday, LA) that plays MLB as  well as lines up in the slot. Harrison Stands at 5’9 165 lbs and comes in at a quick 4.6 40 yard dash. As a slot, Harrison possesses great hands, which is also what sets him apart as a linebacker, being deadly in pass coverage and always an interception threat to opposing quarterbacks. Harrison has an incredible football intelligence, which comes naturally as an athlete playing both on the offensive and defensive sides of the football.

Talk to me a little bit about what got you interested in football and what type of athlete you would describe yourself as?

My older brother always played football, and by watching him play I always knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I got started when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I always knew I was an aggressive person, so I was naturally drawn to the physicality and contact of the sport. 

Do you have a favorite athlete? Someone that you aspire to be like?

Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers. He’s a guy that always tries to stay humble and I really appreciate that. In terms of playstyle, he’s a ball hawk, always being near the center of action. That’s something in my game that I like to model after him. 

Is there a position that you do not currently play that you believe would suite your talents? 

I would probably say defensive end. I’m quick and agile and i think that would lend myself to success at that position. 

What is something that you do before a game that you believe helps you play the best?

I just try to stay serious and focused. I don’t want any distractions and I feel that by getting serious and in my own head is a great way to mentally prepare for competition.

What is something that you believe is a vital component that athletes your age should be focusing on in high school football?

Speed kills. Especially at the high school level where you see more gaps in player speed than at the college and furthermore the professional level. Another thing is that I believe everyone should focus on their opponent and know the ins-and-outs of who they’re facing on a weekly basis. 

Outside of football, are there any other sports that you are involved in?

I also play soccer as a defender and play centerfield on my high school’s baseball team. I think you can learn a lot by being a multi-sport athlete. 

What is something you believe football has taught you about life?

I think it has taught me how to become a man and everything that goes with that. It teaches a person the hard work required in winning, as well as the humbling nature of losing. I think those are both equally important life lessons. 

What is something special about yourself that you have always noticed as an athlete? Something that separates you from the rest?

I don’t believe anyone works as hard as I do. Once the offseason comes, I hit the weightroom extra hard to make sure I am getting as fast and as strong as possible. I also know and realize the importance of staying healthy, whether that’s eating the right things or training the right was, physical health is extremely important to me. 

Finally, what is one personal and one team goal that you and your team have set for this season?

For the team, we wanted to make history by setting the record for most wins in a season. For me, personally, it sort of goes hand in hand with the team goal. I want to leave a legacy here at Delta Charter.