Diamond In The Rough: Max Hunter

1st team all-district RB, ranked the fourth RB in the state of Louisiana, ability to play two positions (RB and WR), and rated a 10/10 in six of ten categories including agility, hand technique, footwork, skill, vision, and aggression are all accolades that discern upcoming senior Max Hunter. However, these commendations do not do Hunter justice. He has the rare caliber every RB should possess in identifying a hole and bursting through at just the right moment. Not to mention his ability to outrun any DB and reach around with perfect timing to seize the flying ball and head into where he is the most comfortable, the red zone. Standing at exactly 6’0 ft and weighing in at 173 lbs, Hunter will grace Monroe, LA and the Neville High School field once more for the 2019-2020 football season.

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When was your first time playing football?

  • My first time playing football was my fourth grade year. No, it wasn’t rec ball, it was for school.

Why did you start playing football?

  • I mean, it was really for my dad. He really wanted me to try to play so I tried out and I fell in love so I kept playing.

Is there anyone that you model your playing style after or someone that you admire?

  • I like Ezekiel Elliot. I like watching him play and I try to learn the things he does and model my game after him.

    twitter: @maxhunter4994 Click to see Hunter’s hudl film!

What is your favorite position? Which position do you feel you are the best?

  • I like being a running back and I believe that I am a great running back also, but as a receiver I am able to use my speed against DBs and use my quickness. As a running back I’m able to get out of the back field quickly also. I mean I do like both positions but I think I’m better as a running back.

What are your goals going into next year/after college?

  • Definitely to lead my team to a championship and become a better player and a better leader for my team so we can have a good senior year.

What are some things you do during off season to prepare for the upcoming season?

  • I work out a lot, do a lot of running and working out on my own outside of school. I also help some of my players on the team. We workout together so we can improve as a whole.

Where have you seen the most growth in your play?

  • I believe from last year I’ve grown a pretty good bit, like my vision is better and I got stronger. I am more physical on the field.

Name a few artists off of your warmup playlist?

  • Drake, Future, C Murda sometimes. That’s about it really, I don’t listen to too much.

What do you think you’ve learned outside of football that helps you or that you use while playing football?

  • Working, like getting a job, teaches you to be on time to practice and workouts. And to always find something to improve yourself at what your doing while you’re doing it.

What qualities or characteristics would you say makes a great football player?

  • A hard worker and a person that is consistent in what he does. Someone that you don’t have to tell what to do

How does it feel to be ranked in the top 5 RB in the state?

  • I’m honored, really. I’m very thankful and grateful to everyone who has believed in me. It excited me, it surprised me. Definitely caught me by surprise, but I’m very humble still. Now, I’m working my way to the number one spot.

Hunter’s passion and intense love for the game manifested through the entire interview; emphasizing every chance he could of how humble and grateful he was to be where he is. He ensured me that he would secure the number one spot as the best RB in the state and that he would continue to train and improve to achieve that goal. The adorned RB’s leadership skills and willingness to learn, grow, and improve will take him straight to the top in no time.