January 25, 2022
"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"

Diamond in the Rough: Brandon Quinney, Alexandria Senior High

Brandon is a senior wide receiver at Alexandria Senior High. He uses his height and speed to his advantage out on the gridiron. Brandon is a 4-star prospect with an overall rating of 7.6. He scored an 8 in size, 6 in strength, 9 in speed, 7 in technique, and 8 with hands. He is a great leader for his team and wants to major in business and finance in college.

Height: 6’3

Weight: 175

Bench: 185

Squat: 275

Clean: 290

40 Time: 4.5

 When did you start playing football and what do you love about it?

   I started playing football in 7th grade because my mom would not let me play when I was younger. When I started 7th grade I was older and asked her if I could try out and play and she said yes. My uncle played in the league and he inspired me and made me want to start playing football.

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Do you play any other sports?

I played basketball my freshman year but that was the only year. I have played football and ran track all four years of high school. With football I have won Most Improved and MVP awards. For track I have won Coaches award, District and Regionals Champion, and I also qualified for state.

What did you do in the off season to prepare for this year?

I stayed working out with the football team all throughout the summer. We did a lot of weight lifting, outdoor running, and conditioning to prepare for the season.

What community service or charity work have you done so far?

   I am a Christian and I help out with my church outreaches. We go to the food bank and deliver goods to people around Christmas time.

What would you want your college major to be?

   I want to major in business and finance. If I ever make it into the league or come into a profession where I make a lot of money, I want to be able to manage it on my own.

What are your goals and team goals for this season?

   My personal goals are to always improve from season to season and game by game. I want to be the top receiver in the state and have people that look up to me as a role model and good person. Our team goal is to get to the state championship and win and get that ring.

What would your coaches say about you?

   They would say I am very uplifting and athletic and I always bring something special to the table. I am seen as a vocal leader and I lead by example on the field.

What impression do you leave on your teachers?

   They would say I am a smart kid and I try my best to pay attention and stay engaged in class.

What is your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation would be my dad he has always been there for me. My mom is also very supportive in everything I do even when things get hard. They helped make me into who I am today.

What has football taught you?

  It has taught me how to bring together different races and diverse men and work together as a team. Personally it has taught me that I am a fighter and I can always achieve new levels physically and mentally.