January 25, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Amani Gilmore, Amite High School

Amani Gilmore is a senior quarterback at Amite High School. He is a 4-star recruit with an overall grade of 8.0. He scored a 7 in size, 9 in strength, 10 in speed, 6 in technique, and 8 with hands. He attended various camps over the summer to prepare himself for this season. He is a three sport athlete that wants to pursue becoming an architect once he begins college.

Height: 6’3


Bench: 315

Squat: 505

Clean: 295

40 Time: 4.5

When did you start playing football?

  I started playing when I was about 5 or 6 years old.I have never played any other position besides quarterback.

What do you love about football and what made you want to play it?

  It has always been in the family. I started playing when I was younger and have been playing it ever since.

Do you play any other sports?

   I also play basketball and baseball for my school as well as football of course.

What did you do in the off season to prepare yourself for this year?

   I attended many camps as well as doing team and personal workouts. I went to camps at Texas A&M, Southeastern, Tulane, LSU, and ULL.

What do you want your college major to be?

   I would like to do engineering. I want to be an architect.

What community service have you done?

   I am in a club FCCLA and it is agriculture class where we do a lot of cooking and a lot of passing out food to homeless people. We go on field trips often and we plant and grow things.

Have you received any academic awards?

  In eighth grade I received the community service award.

What awards have you gotten for sports?

  I have gotten MVP for baseball as well as MVP for football when I was younger. In the past I have also received the best quarterback award. With basketball we went to various championships.

What has football taught you about yourself?

   It has taught me a lot and how to deal with adversity. I also have learned how to handle things as they come in life.

What would your coaches say about you?

   They would say I am a good kid and that I always come through and do my job and stay respectful.

What is your biggest motivation?

   My family definitely is my biggest motivation. They support me the most and show me the way things are supposed to be done.

What are your goals this season?

   My goal is to throw 2,000 yards and throw for at least 30 touchdowns. We as a team would love to win state.