January 19, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Cole Simon, Ascension Episcopal High School

Cole Simon is a starting quarterback at Ascensions Episcopal High School in Lafayette, LA. Just a sophomore, Cole has proven himself worthy of the starting position. Growing up Cole always loved watching football especially college football.

Cole started playing football when he was in the 5thgrade, and  he hasn’t stopped since. He believes that football is something that he can’t live without, and no matter what level he is at there is always room for improvement. Cole plays the game not only for his self but for his team as well. He has always had the support from not only his family but his teammates as well. His teammates would say that he is a great leader and they love how hard he works.

His first year in high school, he started more than half the games as a freshman on the Varsity team. During that season he threw 549 yards and accumulated 6 touchdowns. He has also thrown over 800 yards in 3 games, and rushed for over 200 yards.

Cole looks up to Drew Brees, he loves that he is passionate about the sport, Cole also likes that he can take control of the game and lead his team.

Cole is a multi-talented athlete, not only did he make the varsity football team his freshman year,  but he has also made the varsity team for both basketball and baseball as well.  Cole is a really competitive athlete and loves being aggressive on the field.  This season Cole has taken advantage of every starting opportunity that he has been given. Cole wants to improve on his catching and running techniques. He wants to get over 500 rushing yards and over 1,000 passing yards this season. Increasing his speed and improving his accuracy are also areas that he hopes to improve on throughout his sophomore season. His team goal is to make it to the State Championship this year and bring it home.  When asked about what football has taught him about himself Cole stated “Football has really taught me how to be a humbled player, and to always give it my all out there at every game and every practice.”

The second game of the season Cole engineered 4 touchdown drives to win the game against Catholic of Pointe Coupee. This play happened with only 9 minutes left in the final quarter. The Gators were able to overcome a 19 point deficit with a kick-off to win the game. This past weekend the Gators went against North Vermilion and they were able to pull off the win leaving the score 22-21. So far for the season Cole’s longest pass has been for 68 yards and he has had several touchdown passes between 40-50 yards.

Not only is Cole talented on the football field but he is also a very bright student in the classroom. With a 3.5 GPA it is clear that Cole works hard in the classroom and on the both the field. He is in honors courses and scored top 99% in quantitative reasoning.

Height: 5’11

Weight: 175

Bench: 190

Squat: 300

40 Time: 4.8

GPA: 3.5

Hudle: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9789714/Cole-Simon