January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: A.J Gillie

A.J Gillie is a strong offensive guard from Natchitoches, LA. A.J is a very smart and disciplined player, and can play very well with his eyes and his feet on the field. Going into his senior year at Natchitoches Central High School, he is very confident he will have a successful season. Growing up football has always been his passion and he believes in putting God first in everything that he does. He is very team oriented and believes in pushing his teammates to be the at their best. Going into this season A.J has very high hopes for his team him and his self. A.J wants his team to make it to the championships this year and believes that in order to do so it is going to take hard work and dedication from everyone on the team. He has great support from his family and coaches and uses that motivation to keep him going every day. He has made 2ndteam all-district his freshman year, and 1stteam all-district his junior year. A.J has gotten offers from Northwestern State University located inhis home town, the United States Military Academy located in West Point, New York and Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana.


At what age did you start playing football?


I started playing when I was 8 years old.


Besides football did you play any other sports?


I also played baseball when I was younger.


Who motivates you to play football?


My parents are my biggest motivation, they keep going and they always lift me up. They always tell me that is important to keep trying, because I never know what I can do, until I try.


What would your coaches say about you?



My coaches would say that I am a great leader for the team, I work really hard, and I am very team oriented.


Who do you look up to, and why?


I look up to a lot of the players that played for Natchitoches Central before me. They helped me to face challenges head on and always encouraged me to keep going further.


What has playing football taught you about yourself?


I have learned that being mentally tough is something that is very important. It Is something that every playing should have especially when it comes to workouts and games.


What expectations do you have for yourself and for your team this year?


I want my team to make it to the championships this year, and if not at least make it pass the third round. The expectations I have for myself are to get more offers



Height: 6’3

Weight: 285

Bench: 315

Squat: 630

40 time: 5.0

GPA: 3.5