D.I.T.R: Jaylen Archibald

Jaylen Archibald is a 6’1 185 pound ball hawking cornerback that is entering his Senior season for the Frisco Raccoons. A long and physical player that flies all over the football field making punishing tackles. He is a true defensive back that will play both cornerback and safety for the defense this upcoming fall. His recruiting is heating up picking some offers from schools around the country. He currently holds offers from Eastern Illinois, Dartmouth, and others.

Here is Jaylen Archibald’s interview with me.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in first grade.

What are some hobbies you like to do outside of school?

I run businesses and eat.

Have you played other sports outside of football?

I have played basketball and soccer.

What was it playing for Frisco this past year?

It was great…. We fell just short of the playoffs, but I liked playing with my new team.

Is there a NCAA/NFL player that you would compare yourself to?

Marlon Humphrey because of his ability to play on the ball.

What skills do you have that sets yourself from the others?

Definitely my size and ability to hit hard from the corner position.

Do you have a favorite football moment in your young career?

When we won our only game during a 1-9 season at my old school.

Who pushes you to be better through your football journey?

Coach Harbert and my past Coach Mario Edwards Jr.

What has Coach Harbert done to improve your football career?

He has given me more motivation and taught me a lot about the recruiting process.

What are your senior goals while at Frisco?

Make the playoffs and create a good film for colleges.

How do you succeed as a teammate?

I motivate and push my teammates by doing things like having extra workouts during the week.

Do you have a certain every gameday ritual?

Listen to music.

What are future colleges getting out of you?

A player that can hit hard at any position. Also, a kid that can learn the game as he grows.

Where do you see yourself from a year from now on signing day?

A division one program that has a great education offered.

How can you improve your game over the next year?

Definitely work on my speed..

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