DE Ty’Drick Stewart: Houma, LA

If you are in search of a dominant defensive lineman in the state of Louisiana, look no further. Ty’Drick Stewart, a class of 2024 DE out of Terrebonne High School in Houma, Louisiana, is the perfect person for you. The 6’1, 220 pound Stewart was a Second Team All-District last season for the Tigers, and only looks to increase his stock this coming season. Ty’Drick is a perfect person to be selected as a diamond in the rough because of the many underlying qualities of his game. He showed his skills at out latest Elite Camp at Northshore High School and ended up receiving an invite to play in the Gridiron Football All-American Game. He has been spending lots of time this summer at numerous college camps and showing them what he can bring to any respective campus.

What age were you when you started playing football and why did you continue to do so over the years? 

“I started playing at 7 years old. Once I was 11, I was introduced to Defensive end and fell in love with it.”

Do you play any other sports or is or only football for you?

“I play basketball and track and field also.”

What are you biggest strengths as a player? 

“My biggest strength would be my speed and technique off the edge.”

What are the biggest things for you to improve on as a defensive end this off season?

“Biggest things to improve on is staying in shape, as well as getting stronger.”

What would you describe as a good teammate? 

“I would describe being a good teammate as holding one accountable, no matter what it is, but also lifting them up when things aren’t getting done.”

How has the recruiting process been for you? Any potential offers or any other interests?

“The recruiting process has been solid for me; I have a lot of interests especially after going to camps, but I have to keep working and give the colleges something to see in the regular season.”

Do you have any goals for this season? / What do you want to get out of this season?

“My goal is to dominate, plain and simple. To be that x-factor that can takeover the course of the game. I know myself, and I know what I’m capable of doing. I just have to show it.”

How do you enjoy playing at Terrebonne and is it a good fit for you and your football talent?

“I love being in the jungle with my brothers; I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Before I transferred I knew with what they had going on at Terrebonne, and I wanted to be apart of the culture. Ever since then everything’s been well.”

Are there any players you model your game after or watch their tape?

“I watch a lot of players tapes, but the ones I study strongly would be Lawrence Taylor, Micah Parsons, and Von Miller. Those are the guys I try to model my game after.”

How do you balance football and school?

“It’s really easy, my parents and I are very big on education so I tend to focus on my books. But when it’s time to work, we gotta work. It’s simple as long as you’re disciplined with yourself to get it done.”

How do you prepare yourself for a football game?

“Before the games, I tend to just chill and get my thoughts together. I’ll grab my phone to watch some more tape to make a gameplan on what I could do to break past my opponents, and after I just lock in until game time.”

How was it getting an invite to the GF All American Bowl game? 

“It was amazing, I know what I had to do to receive the invite already, and I did just that. And it felt good for sure.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“My teammates on the field would describe me as hardworking, disciplined, very uplifting, and just holding them accountable. Off the field is more of the same, but just pretty laid back and chill about things.”