The Booty Family Passing Attack Tradition Continues On At Evangel Christian Academy With The Fulghum Twins

In the early 90’s and 2000’s, Evangel Christian Academy was consistently winning state championships and was a football powerhouse winning 14 state championships from 1993-2016. A lot of that success was led by the Booty family at the helm. The patriarch of the family Johnny Booty was an All-American quarterback himself at Woodlawn High School and coached his sons as the quarterback coach at Evangel Christian. His three sons Josh, Abram, and John David Booty all ended up having great careers at Evangel and went on to have success at the next level. Abram was a record setting wide receiver that played at LSU and Valdosta State. John David led Evangel to two state championships and went on to play football at USC and then in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, and Houston Texans.

The oldest son Josh Booty helped kickstart the Eagles’ dynasty where he threw for 11,700 yards and 126 touchdowns becoming the first high school player in the country to throw for 10,000 yards. The former USA Today National High School Player of the Year also played third baseman in the Major Leagues with the Florida Marlins from 1996-1998 before playing college football at LSU and in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.

The Booty family won multiple state championships and did so putting up plenty of offensive records. While Josh is no longer throwing touchdown strikes for the Red, White, and Blue, his sons Peyton and Parker Fulghum are continuing to carry the family mantle putting points on the board for the Evangel Christian Academy Eagles.

Josh’s son Peyton Fulghum is filling in his dad’s footsteps as he is trying to lead the Eagles back to the promise land for a 15th state championship. At 6’2, 205 pounds, Peyton has put up some good numbers including throwing for 4,243 yards and 33 touchdowns while rushing for 13 more touchdowns on the ground. While posting those numbers, Peyton has received offers from Nicholls State, Southern Arkansas, Ouchita Baptist, Evangel University, and Centenary. Watching his son play gives Josh Booty a lot of fond memories when he was throwing the rock at Evangel in the early 1990’s.

“Peyton is a lot like me in terms of being determined. Just bring it on. He is somebody that cannot wait for the next Friday night. He just loves ball. He wakes up extra early just to go to to workouts in the morning because he can’t sleep and he wants it so bad. I was a lot like that. If I wasn’t playing football or baseball, I was on the basketball court or golf course. He is like that and he is a football junkie.”

Former Evangel Christian Academy and LSU QB Josh Booty
Evangel Christian Academy 2024 QB Peyton Fulghum throws on the run in the Bayou Jamboree. (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

Growing up in a quarterback family, Peyton has always taken aspects of his game from not only his dad, but his uncles and his cousin General Booty, who is now playing quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, as well.

“Really the only thing I’ve learned from my dad is to keep fighting, I don’t like to compare. We play differently and we are in different eras. I do like comparing myself to my uncle JD. I try my hardest to mimic his play.”

“I have watched every game JD has ever played in and General has helped me a lot. We grew up together so we have always been there to help each other and he has really helped guide me through high school being three years older than me. He’s like the big brother I never had.”

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum

Competition has always driven Peyton and he has taken the right steps throughout his career to get better. When he took over as the starting quarterback his freshman year, the Eagles were trying to rebuild the football program to what it once was. There have been some tough moments, especially after going winless his freshman year, but after leading the Eagles to their first winning season since 2019 in 2022, Fulghum is very optimistic that he can join his dad and uncle John David as Evangel quarterbacks to lead their teams to championships.

“We are gonna bring home that 15th state championship trophy to the E this year. Mark my words.” 

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum
Evangel Christian Academy 2024 QB Peyton Fulghum is coming off a good junior season leading the Eagles to a winning season while throwing for over 2,300 yards and 23 touchdowns. (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

Along with a state championship, Peyton also wants to break some of the records, which were held by his dad.

“Going into my senior year, I want to have the best completion rate in the state again, and throw for less than 100 incompletions again and what I look forward to most is breaking my dad’s single game TD pass record which is 8.”

“What I like improving the most is the little stuff, the stuff no one talks about. The little stuff is always most important. My arm motion and having fast feet are always my two main focuses.”

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum

The player that is going to help Peyton get there is none other than his twin brother Parker Fulghum. The Fulghum twins have the dynamic chemistry needed between a quarterback and wide receiver. Being brothers on and off the field only adds to that.

“Peyton and I are on the same wavelength at all times out on the field. We help each other out in so many circumstances, having that connection is something that no one else we know gets to experience. Having my twin at quarterback has been the greatest blessing my entire life. We can get practice in when no one else has the opportunity. Like I said, we have a connection no one else could come close to.”

“Peyton is a standout quarterback for many reasons: his strong arm and self trust are two of my favorite things about him along with his sneaky ability to evade and run through traffic. My favorite thing about him is his toughness. People compare him to Max Duggan from TCU. He’s hard nosed and never goes down without a fight.”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

“Me and Parker have done the calculations and we have thrown and caught over a half a million passes in our life so even to say we are close is an understatement. I know exactly what he is gonna do before he even knows. I love that man.”

“Parker is a huge target. The 6’2 frame allows him to moss kids and make five stars like Texas signee Derrick Williams from Westgate last year look like they don’t belong. He truly is one of a kind. It truly is an honor to throw to such an incredible receiver like him. He is the number one receiver in the state. Stats don’t lie.”

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum
Evangel Christian Academy 2024 WR Parker Fulghum has been nearly unguardable throughout his prep career making All-State twice with 180 catches for 2,800 yards and 26 touchdowns in three seasons. (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

The numbers certainly don’t lie as Parker Fulghum has been statistically one of the top receivers in Louisiana. As a three year starter, the 6’2, 195 pound wide receiver has been a two time All-State selection with a whopping 180 receptions for 2,800 yards and 26 touchdowns over his standout career. The former District MVP and two time All-District selection also led the state of Louisiana in catches with 79 as a sophomore and 89 as a junior. If that is not enough, he has the most yards per game the last two seasons. Even if it is not at quarterback, Josh is proud of what Parker is accomplishing at the wide receiver position.

“Parker has been super successful. Peyton looks to throw to him a lot because they have great chemistry. He is a force and nobody has shut him down even though opposing teams try double teaming or triple teaming him. He is a lot bigger than the defensive backs and he knows what he is doing. He just gets open and the coaches will line him up in the X or in the slot and will try to get him away from a double team. He has great hands and he is tough.”

Former Evangel Christian Academy and LSU QB Josh Booty

Toughness is a quality that Parker has picked up from his uncle Abram, who was a record setting receiver at Evangel Christian Academy himself too.

“I play very physical. I run hard and am very good vertically. I’m a hard tackle to make and I pride myself on my sure catch hands. If my brother is scrambling, he always knows that he can give me a shot at the ball.”

“Uncle Abe is a great role model to watch and learn from. He has taught me a ton from the basics of route running to a few of the things he keyed on back in his heyday. He’s been a great asset to me in my growing as a player.”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

Being a wide receiver, Parker has also taken advantage of learning from the likes of his dad Josh and his uncle John David about the quarterback position even though he is only catching passes from them.

“Growing up in a family full of quarterbacks has been pretty sweet. Other than always having someone to throw with, I’ve gotten to sit in and listen to the game from a whole other angle, I think that has helped me read defenses and analyze the field different than other players.”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

Conquering the game both physically and mentally has given Parker opportunities to play football at the next level as he has been offered by Northwestern State, Ouachita Baptist, Grambling, Nicholls State, Southern Arkansas, Evangel University, Louisiana Christian, and Centenary College.

“Recruiting for me has recently started to grow, I’ve talked to a ton of coaches, and I’m praying everyday that God will help me to make the right choice!”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

Despite being 6’2, being able to run a 4.4/40, and posting gawdy numbers, Parker is always focusing on getting better in order to improve those numbers even more.

“I can always grow my skills in every way, but something  I know I can grow in is my lateral movement and staying full speed in and out of my cuts.”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

Just as Peyton is motivated to beat some of his dad’s records this season, Parker is just as motivated to beat some of his uncle Abram’s records this season.

“Senior year is huge. I’m focused on the end goal and getting to the dome for the state championship. Some self goals for me would be to break Abram’s single season catch record of 105. If not for the 2nd round exit last year, I easily would’ve broken it then.” 

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum
Evangel Christian Academy 2024 WR Parker Fulghum led the state the last two seasons in catches and yards per catch. (Photo taken by Jason Saucier)

Not only are the Fulghum twins playing and excelling at the same school as their dad played at, but they are also doing so under the same coach in Denny Duron. For the Booty family and the Fulghum family, football at Evangel Christian Academy has come full circle.

“It’s fun to go back and watch them play, especially since they are playing for my old coaches. It is crazy and it is like going back in time.”

Former Evangel Christian Academy and LSU QB Josh Booty

“Playing for Pastor Denny has been a life changing experience that I wouldn’t change for anything! He has helped me grow so much in my faith and the way I play. My family’s legacy at Evangel has been fun to bring back to the school. I’m super glad I get to play for the same head coach as my family!”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

“It’s an incredible honor and privilege to be playing for Pastor Denny. He really is not just a Louisiana legend, but also an international legend so getting to sit and learn from him and also my OC Coach Kraemer Hagan has been such a blessing. They have done a great job preparing me for the next level. I’m so very thankful! I’d like to say me and Parker have started our own legacy here representing our own last name! I always say I appreciate my dad putting Evangel on the map all those years ago, but we got it from here!

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum
Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum (left) and WR Parker Fulghum (right) take a picture with their mom Sara Fulghum (middle). (Photo provided by Fulghum family)

As far as continuing that family name to LSU where their dad played quarterback and where their mother Sara was a former Golden Girl, they would love the opportunity to play for the Purple and Gold, but in the end, they want to go where they feel wanted the most.

“LSU is a good spot but in the end, I want to go somewhere who wants me and will give me a chance to get on the field quickly!”

“I would say watch my film or come watch me play and I’ll work harder than anyone they got.” 

Evangel Christian Academy QB Peyton Fulghum

“LSU is such a storied program and a huge part in my family’s history. If Coach Kelly reached out with an offer, it would be an amazing moment for me and my family, but in the end, I’m leaving it up to God.”

“A message to the coaches and recruiters out there, I’m someone that you’ll want to take a shot on, whoever gets me on campus is gonna be glad they did!”

Evangel Christian Academy WR Parker Fulghum

When it comes to putting up big numbers on the scoreboard, all is right in the world at Evangel Christian Academy as the Booty family name continues to live on in the Fulghum quarterback and wide receiver duo.