May 23, 2022
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Southeastern Louisiana University has picked up where they left off last season

Southeastern Louisiana University has picked up where they left off last season

By: Andy Bryson

Louisiana Gridiron Football

Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) 44, Jacksonville 3.

I covered the Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) vs. Jacksonville game on Saturday. It appears that SLU has not lost a step since last season. As you may or may not know, SLU won the Southland Conference Title and made it to the FCS Quarterfinals last season. . As everyone focuses on LSU and what they accomplish each year, people become unaware of what SLU continues to do. SLU is a Division I school that is winning championships right here in our back yard

Last season SLU had several stars emerge from the ashes of a once mighty football program. Quarter Back Brayan Bennett led the way when he passed for over 3,100 yards, rushed for over 1,000 yards, and had 37 total touchdowns. This season he is a candidate for the Walter Payton Award, the equivalent to the FBS Heisman Trophy. Other stars from last season were kick returner Xavier Roberson, Line Backer Kaleb Muse, Line Backer Isiah Corbett, and Defensive End Jacob Newman. These same guys from last season are all returning this season. SLU even added a few more playmakers on both sides of the ball. On Offence they added running back Eugene Bethea (who rushed for over 2,000 yards last season in high school here in Louisiana), and Wide Receiver Dylan Bosier. On Defense SLU added Safety Micah Eugene (who was playing at LSU last season), and Defensive Back Jordan Batiste (who was playing at Tulane last season).

In Saturday’s game against Jacksonville, SLU won 44-3. SLU walked the ball down the field and scored on their first series. After a nine play drive, SLU forced Jacksonville to punt. Then on the very first play, Bryan Bennett passed to Dylan Boiser for an 89 yard touchdown. Only three plays later, Jordan Batiste forced a fumble and Micah Eugene recovered and ran the ball into the end zone for SLU’s third touchdown. On SLU’s next drive, Bryan Bennett broke free on an 83 yard rushing touchdown. At the end of the first quarter the score was 27-0.

If you missed last week’s game at Strawberry Stadium, then you still have time to get your tickets for this week’s home game vs Southern Utah. This week the game will start at 7 pm and will be played at home in Strawberry Stadium in Hammond.

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