January 22, 2022
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Nicholls State Victorious vs Lamar University

Nicholls  traveled to Lamar University this weekend, to play against the Cardinals. Within the first 11 minutes of the first quarter the Colonels made a great play, as a pass from the Cardinal’s Darrel Colbert was intercepted by Austin Dickerson. Dickerson was able to return 26 yards to LU0 and scored a touchdown for Nicholls. The Cardinals were able to score during the first quarter as Elvin Martinez made a field goal attempt from the 47 yard line to put 3 points on the board for his team.  Darrel Colbert also scored points for Lamar at 3:44 left rushing 1 yard to NICH 0 to score a TD.  Leaving the score Lamar 10 and Nicholls 7. Ending the 1stquarter the Colonels were able to score  again with Chase Fourcade rushing 4 yards to the LU0. Moving into the second quarter of the game both teams played aggressively and were able to keep the same energy going into the second half of the game.

Going into the second half of the game both teams were able to score points big points. Nicholls did well the entire second half for their offense and defense. Racking up a total of 50 points overall to leave the score Lamar 27 and Nicholls 50. Some of the game leaders this evening for Nicholls were Chase Fourcade, as he scored two touchdowns for the team

And rushed for a total of 43 yards, Fourcade lead to multiple touchdowns passing over 200 yards. Stefano received for a total of 110 yards  and Julien Gums rushed for 152 yards. The Colonels are now 3-2 moving forward into the rest of the season. This game was Nicholls first 50 point game since 2007. The team will play against Northwestern State next weekend in Natchitoches, LA.