August 14, 2022
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LB Landry vs. St. James

The LB Landry Buccaneers and the St. James Wildcats met tonight for an exciting and energetic game. They both had to take time to adjust, but it was back and forth which resulted in a win for the St. James Wildcats.

Opening the game, St. James’, Daniel Jupiter, received a punt and scored the first touchdown of the game with a good extra point, putting the Wildcats up 6-0. The Buccaneers were on offense 3 and out and the Wildcats offense took over at the 38 yard line. The Wildcats received a 5 yard penalty for delay of game, but Daniel Jupiter threw a complete pass for a first down. Number 1 for the Buccaneers recovered a fumble and scored a touchdown which putting the score 7-6.

This game was back and forth with strong and fast runners getting first downs and defensive players being in position to intercept the ball. The Buccaneers and the Wildcats both had some penalty trouble, but they were able to overcome them for a good performance tonight. St. James fumbled the ball and number 32 for LB Landry recovered it putting the Bucs offense back on the field. Not to be surpassed, number 11 for St. James, Cyler Christmas, intercepted the ball thrown by the Buccaneers’ quarterback. However, the Buccaneers scored another touchdown putting them up 20 to 6.

In the second quarter, Cyler Christmas of the St. James Wildcats scored a touchdown. For a successful two-point conversion, number 3 on the Wildcats offense soared over the defenders landing in the end zone. At half time, the Wildcats were up 24-20.

Coming back in the third, Cyler Christmas, scored another Wildcat touchdown putting the score up to 31 with a good extra point. The Buccaneers respond with another touchdown bringing them to 26 points.

In the fourth quarter, Cyler Christmas intercepted another pass from the Bucs quarterback. St. James fumbles and the Bucs offense returns to the field. When the Wildcats’ offense return, wide receiver, Shazz Preston carried the ball for a first down and then caught the ball while flipping over a defender. The end score was 41 for the Wildcats and 26 for the Buccaneers.

Video captured by Jada Ward
Video captured by Jada Ward

Afterwards, I spoke with St. James’ wide receiver, Shazz Preston.

How does it feel walking away with a win?

It feels good we have some things we need to clean up moving forward this season. It was an ugly win, but I’ll take it.

How are you feeling about this season?

Very confident we just need to put in more work as the season goes along and clean up.

What was your favorite part about tonight’s game?

Me going on defense.

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