Scotlandville vs Warren Easton

The Scotlandville Hornets and the Warren Easton Eagles met last night at Scotlandville for the Eagle’s first game since Hurricane Ida. The Hornets started the game with a lot of energy. The Hornet’s defense did a good job of stopping the Eagle’s offense. Deuce Williams was a standout runner for the Hornet’s offense and Jay Gordon was a strong runner for the Eagles.

Scotlandville wins the coin toss and elects to receive the ball. On the opening kickoff, Chance Williams picked up 15 yards for the Hornets. On the next down, the Hornet quarterback keeps the ball and scores the first touchdown jumping over a defender in the end zone. An offsides penalty is called on the Eagles giving the Hornets some yardage. The extra point is good and the score 7-0. Chance Williams picks up another 31 yards and then the Hornet’s quarterback scores another touchdown.

In the second quarter, Warren Easton fumbles the ball and a Scotlandville defender recovers it Cayden Knighten scores a 41 yard touchdown for the Hornets and the score is 21 to 0. The Eagles offense takes the field and Leon Elloie picks up 30 yards. Warren Easton scores a touchdown and the two point conversion is successful bringing the Eagle’ score to 8. Warren Easton scores again with four seconds left in the first half and the Eagle’s score is now 14.

Starting the second half of the game, Warren Easton fumbles the ball and Scotlandville recovers it. Both teams go back and forth with fumble recoveries and penalty trouble. Warren Easton scores a 4 yard touchdown with 5:52 left in the third quarter with a successful two point conversion. The score is 21 Hornets and 22 for the eagles. Number 26 for Scotlandville scores a 67 year touchdown and the score is up 28 to 22. Warren Easton scores another touchdown with another two point conversion.

In the fourth quarter, Warren Easton scores the first touchdown of the quarter bringing the score to 36 for the Eagles and 28 for the Hornets. The Hornet’s quarterback throws an interception to an Eagles defender. Warren Easton fumbles and Scotlandville takes the ball back. Warren Easton scores another touchdown and the game ends with the Eagles on top, 42-28.

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