Gridiron Top 300: RB Javian Osborne, Forney High School (Forney, Texas)

Javian Osborne is a 4 star running back out of Forney, Texas standing at 5’9, 190 lbs. If you see his size and immediately think of it as an issue, think again. Javian is ranked as the number one running back in the nation in the class of 2026 according to On3, and it is for good reason. I want to start with his shiftiness. Javian looks like a young Barry Sanders out there. He can cut on a dime while maintaining his speed and balance, and has no wasted movements. Everytime he touches the ball, you expect a big play. His ankle- taking ability is very eye opening. He makes defenders look foolish and confused on the field. Javian runs an insanely impressive 4.25 second, 3 cone shuttle. He knows how to shift his hips to confuse a defender, and burst right past them. You don’t see agility like his at this level of the sport. Javian also displays amazing speed to compliment his agility. He most recently ran a 4.5 second forty yard dash, and is working on continually getting faster. Once Javian hits the open field, good luck trying to catch up with him. His quick acceleration lets him burst past defenders, and explode through holes. Javian has a knack for finding the outside, and once he does, it’s game over. He uses his speed to run diagonally with defenders, and out runs them every time. He is more than just a speedy back. Javian displays insane toughness while he runs, being almost impossible to tackle. There are many instances were Javian drags defenders with him into the endzone. He runs until his legs don’t work anymore. His ability to shed defenders is out of this world, and a trait very sought after by college coaches. This is evident by Javians 24 offers so far. These include the likes of powerhouses like Michigan, Alabama, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, the University Of Texas, and many more. Javian had a stellar season last year. He touched the rock 293 times and turned that into 2,231 yards and 41 touchdowns. He led the entire Dallas- Fort Worth area in rushing yards and touchdowns this most recent season, an impressive feat. His best game this season was against Tyler. Javian put up 291 yards and rushed in 5 touchdowns during that game. Those kind of stats definitely come with some hardware, and Javian has it. Javian has been on the 1st Team All District Team for the past two years, as well as being named an Under Armor All American. His freshman season he was awarded offensive newcomer of the year, and most recently also won 1st team All Area, and Second Team All State awards this season. Javian is a very smart kid, holding a 3.8 out of 4.0 GPA, and has an unbridled love for the game. He doesn’t care about NIL or sponsorships, Javian just wants to play ball. A 4 star recruit already, don’t be surprised when he earns that fifth star.

What made you fall in love with the position of running back?

When I was younger, I was always the kid who wanted to be first and in front of everybody. My dad put me in flag football and no one could catch me on the field as a kid. I used to run to the outside every time and get a touchdown as a little kid. Ever since the, I just stuck with my love for getting the ball. I realized that I love offense and getting the ball.

What would you consider your best on the field attribute?

I would say my vision for sure. I can read the defense and see where they are crashing at and make a cut. Reading the blocks and the line of scrimmage is another big one for me. I look at the linebackers and see if they are staying home or not. So I would definitely say my vision and awareness.

What are some goals for yourself, and for your team next year?

Were moving up to 6A this year so we need to prove to everybody that we belong. Everyone thinks that we can’t get it done in 6A ball. The State Championship runs through DeSoto, powerhouse of Texas so it’s a new level of competition. I think entering the district that we are going to be in which includes Rockwall Heath and Longview as our only big competition is going to be good. Last year we had a very hard district so we’ve been battle tested. I just really want to prove to my team that we can do it again. Last year is over with, but we can repeat it and go further and beyond. Once you get the whole team to believe, you can really accomplish something. That’s really my main goal. I want to get the team to the State Championship.
Javian diving for a touchdown

You guys made a deep run in the playoffs this year but had that tough loss to Aledo. What have you and the team learned from that loss to improve next season?

One thing we learned from that loss is to take it at what it is. We just had a bad game and our coach is stressing to us that we need to take that next step. We need that extra 1% effort to make it all the way. Can you execute, can you go the further mile to win one more. That’s our motto. One more. We were one game away from the State Championship. Everything you do in life needs one more. That’s our attitude and what we do to achieve our goals for this season.

Who do you try and emulate on the field?

If we want to go old school, I love Barry Sanders. In today’s NFL, I love Saquon Barkley and Jahmyr Gibbs. Jahmyr is so explosive off his cuts and he just outruns people. I feel like that’s a little bit of what I do. I’ve always loved Saquan and have been watching him since he was at Penn State.

You have some great offers on the table. What is the recruiting process like, and do any colleges stand out to you for their recruiting style and persistence?

There are always going to colleges that standout, but what I really love is building a relationship with the coaches. I get to know them and one coach that really stands out is Coach Hall at Baylor. We are both Dallas kids so he feels like another father figure to me. Everything he does, he keeps it real. It’s almost like another dad, everything is good and positive. I also like Notre Dame. Coach McCullough is another guy that’s really into football. I believe he can get me to the next level. There are some more schools out there that I can’t get off the top of my head. I also really love the Wisconsin running back coach. He is a cool, calm, and chill guy. That’s what it’s all about. Being a recruit, you are learning these coaches and building a relationship with them. You also have to understand the process and the program. The biggest thing to me is how the culture is there. I want to be on campus grounds and really see if it feels like home. I know a lot of players who get caught up in NIL but it’s not about the money. I would say my relationship with the coaches is what really stands out.
Javian making a hard cut in the open field

What is the most challenging part of playing running back?

That’s a great question. I would say the most challenging part is taking shots. As a running back, you don’t get paid that much in the NFL. Longevity and avoiding getting pounded are two for sure struggles. I’m pretty good at avoiding unnecessary shots but that’s the main thing as a running back. Your entire career can get shortened and you want that second or third contract. That’s one thing that can stop you.

Being the number 1 ranked running back in your class comes with some work. Take me through your day to day training regime that you use to stay at the elite level you play at?

One thing my dad always told me was if I want to be number one, I have to do the little things that make me number 1. I feel like I really took advantage of that, I do push ups, I do the extra dumbbells, I do the extra pull ups. The different things that stand out that no one else wants to do. I train with my trainer and get that extra work in. I also train more after team workouts. The long nights of doing little things that not many players know about like yoga. Yoga and stretching are big keys to being ready. Putting on that muscle weight as a running back is a lot. Your ligaments start to tear and pull because you put on so much mass. Your ligaments aren’t ready for that, so yoga is a big factor.

If there was one piece of advice you could tell yourself when you started playing football, what would it be?

Keep your head down, stay working. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason so whatever it is, it has a reason. I would definitely say just keep working and never stop.

The play comes in and you are getting the ball. What is the first thing you are thinking about, and looking for once that ball is snapped?

You know, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown. That’s the number one thing that goes on inside my head. I want to score every play and score at will. Just do whatever it takes to get into that endzone. That’s my mindset every time I get the ball.

What is your way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

Come on now, you gotta give it to Patrick Mahomes. After this season he had where he didn’t have the best weapons at receiver, I would say it was his hardest season. Especially entering the playoffs on the road, you have to give it up to him. He trains and works so hard so have to give it to him. That dude is different.