Diamond in the Rough: Ellis Davis

Ellis Davis is a four-star right tackle from Prosper High School in Prosper, Texas, which is located outside of Dallas. Ellis, finishing his last three years of high school in Texas, is a Texas Tech commit for the class of 2024. Starting his high school career in California, and moving to Texas after his freshmen year, Ellis has excelled at tackle with his humongous size at 6′ 7” 275 lbs. The class of 24′ tackle uses his height and weight to dominate opponents all over the field. Being ranked number 22, per rivals, in his position, Ellis Davis will continue his football career in the next year to help out the Red Raiders. Below are some questions I asked Ellis about himself in an interview I had with him recently:

Q: When did you start playing football?

“I started playing football back in California when I was seven years old.”

Q: What inspired you to play football?

“Actually, I was playing baseball when I was young, and I just got bored of it. When i was looking for a new sport to get into, I found football and decided that I wanted to try it.”

Q: Was baseball and football the only sports you played growing up?

“No, I was all over the place. Before football, I played baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, and I ended up getting into rugby soon after getting into football.”
Ellis Davis (#77) with Connor Carty (#70)

Q: When did you start taking football more seriously over all the other sports you played?

“I would say, probably the transition from middle school to high school. When I was in middle school, I was still wrestling and playing rugby. I’d say my freshmen year of high school.”

Q: When did you stop playing rugby and wrestling?

“I stopped playing in high school.”

Q: What are your biggest strengths you have on the football field?

“Honestly, at my postition, I’d say my length and athleticism. At the high school level I just tower over people and I have a massive reach advantage. At the same time I am light on my feet for my size, so it’s probably those two things are my biggest strengths.”

Q: Do you have any personal goals for the rest of the season?

“Not really, I committed to Texas Tech. So, my goal is just to keep working in the weight room, keep progressing my technique, and learning about the game.”

Q: Are there any aspects of the game that you worked on this past offseason?

“I focused heavily on my run game and my pass protection. Just keeping my hips squared and staying low when I’m playing. Also working my hands. I practiced a lot of technique work, and learning more about the game. In my previous years, I didn’t watch a whole lot of film for football outside of playing, so I’ve just tried to watch other players and learn as much I can from other people.”

Q: What is your proudest achievement in football?

“I’ve come a long way and I am very bless with all the opportunities I have recieved, but I think my proudest achievement is becoming a leader on the team. Getting out there and help coach the younger guys leading them along the right path and helping them out however I can.”

Q: What have you learned about yourself while playing football?

“There is a lot of different things I could say. Like you learn about hardship. I would say a huge thing I have learned is definitely leadership. I wish I had better mentors on my team when I was growing up. This makes it a big thing to me helping out the younger guys and doing whatever I can to help them to progress.”

Q: If you had to compare yourself to a college or professional player, who would it be, and why?

“I’ve been told I have a similar build to Taylor Lewan. I can see it, I mean, the lean build and a little bit athletic, but I’ve told I’m built similarly to them.”

Q: What was something you were looking for in a college program during your recruitment, and why did Texas Tech fit in that category?

“A place that fits me was what I was looking for. The culture, the players that go there, the coaches, and the beleifs, those are all big things for me while looking at colleges. I looked at a lot of different places and none of them really felt like it [Tech]. I generally felt like that is the team I want to play for and those are coaches I want to play for. At other places I did not feel that.
Ellis Davis (#77) with Connor Carty (#70)

Q: What is your favorite football memory?

“I would have to say, honestly, it was all of last season. It was my first varsity season. Breaking the barrier of the curse of being stuck in the quarter finals. Winning that quarter finals game felt really good. Going on the semi finals. It was a tough loss, but it was a good time getting those extra few games in with all my guys and having that expeirence which was awesome.”

Q: Do you think the team is going to have an improvement from last season?

“I’d like to think so. Our offense has been explosive this year and I feel we have improved a lot in that category. We have a lot of twinks that have been made, but it’s early in the season so it is hard to say. I do have high hopes.”

Q: Who is your role model on the football field?

“In the last few years I’ve met a lot of great leaders. Here, at home in Prosper, I’d say it’s one of my own coaches, Coach Lemons. The amount of support I have recieved from him has been game changing. He is one of the first people who have really gotten me to believe in myself and has seen the things I can do and really show me my own potential.”

Q: What is something you want your college coaches to know about you for the next upcoming year?

“I would say I’m my biggest opponent. I’m my own biggest hater. I’m probably the hardest on myself more than anyone is. That is one thing I am working on right now, stop being that way.”

Q: Other than football, what are some other hobbies you enjoy?

“During the season there is not a whole lot of time, but offseason I love going to the lake and being out doors whenever I can be. Back when I was at California I’d always be hiking or going to the lakes, and rivers fishing all day.”
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