DITR: RB JJ Garner, Timpson High School (Timpson, Texas)

JJ Garner is an elite running back flying under everybody’s radar. The 5’11, 194 lb running back from the class of 2025 attends Timpson High School in Timpson, Texas. JJ had a stellar season, putting up 1313 yards on the ground on only 83 carries. He also carried the rock into the endzone 22 times. JJ is a very versatile player, able to catch the ball like a reciever, but also able to throw the ball with ease. JJ took reps at quarterback during the beginning of the season, and posted a pretty impressive statline. In 3 games at quarterback, JJ threw for 319 yards and 2 touchdowns. JJ is very aggressive as a running back, most comparable to former Titans and current Ravens running back, Derrick Henry. You will never bring him down with just one defender. His strength can be seen in the weight room, benching 225 lbs and squatting 500 lbs. JJ is more than just a powerback though. He displays blazing speed that makes him impossible to catch in the open field. This is demonstrated through an impressive 4.5 second, 40 yard dash. All of these attributes combined makes him the perfect running back to have on your roster. I am not the only person who can see JJs talents, as he has received offers from UTSA, ULL, UNT, Oregon State and Texas Tech. JJ is also a 2 sport athlete, a trait that is sought out in high school athletes. He is a point guard for his high school team, and you can see traits bleed over between the sports. You can tell he has immense heart and hustle, as well as stamina from running up and down the court. He never looks tired on the field and is always ready for the next play. JJs best game this season came against Shelbyville. He put up 269 yards and an eye opening 5 touchdowns as Timpson steamrolled Shelbyville 61-0. JJ started playing football 11 years ago, and still has room to grow. Already a Texas State Championship winner, 1st team all district running back, and district MVP, JJ is going to have a spot in this sport for a long time.

What motivates you to play the game of football?

Knowing that I have to provide for my family. I want to look out for my brother and my sister.

What is your biggest on the field strength?

My size for sure. Also how I sprint down the field.

How did it feel to finally bring Timpson their first State Championship home?

It felt good. It felt good for us and for the city. It felt good to win one for the city.

What are some goals for yourself, and team next season?

We want to let people know that we are not finished. We still have more to come. My goal is to win another state championship. I had torn my ACL last year and couldn’t play in the State Championship, so I want to be on the field for the next one. I’m hungry for it.

Who do you try and emulate on the field?

Not that I can think of. I just want to make a name for myself.

I know you have some good offers on the table. What is the recruiting process like, and do any schools standout for their recruiting style and persistence?

Oh yea it’s good right now and I’m striving for more. UTSA really stands out because they text me a lot and always ask how I’m doing.

What is the most challenging part of being a running back?

Really just knowing where to go and be. You have to survey the field so fast.

What has been your biggest improvement since you started playing football?

Really my attitude. I’ve improved as a teammate as well, just really becoming that leader. I’ve learned to be coachable.

I know you are a 2 sport athlete with basketball. Do you notice any skills transfer from the hardwood to the turf?

Yes sir. My hustle, stamina, just a lot transfers over.

Do you have a personal favorite highlight of yourself?

It was the game against Shelbyville. I took the ball right, and ended up bouncing out left while breaking 8 tackles for a touchdown.

Way too early super bowl winner prediction?

The Houston Texans for sure.