Jayden Daniels, Malik Nabers Prove to Be Biggest Winners from Pro Day in More Ways Than One

With tons of media, NFL general managers, scouts, and even head coaches in attendance, there were a lot of eyes on what some of the LSU Tigers were going to do during Pro Day today. Three of the 13 that were participating in Pro Day actually had more to lose than gain today as LSU’s star offensive trio of Jayden Daniels, Malik Nabers, and Brian Thomas Jr. are already projected first round draft picks. While Daniels and Thomas did not participate in any of the combine drills, Nabers wanted to further prove and cement his stamp as arguably the top wide receiver in this draft class, and he did with an incredible combine performance.

Nabers tested well all the way around. First, he had a 42 inch vertical, which would have tied him second at the NFL combine this year among all players. Next, he posted a 10’9 broad jump, and finally, he wowed scouts, coaches, and fans alike with a 4.35 unofficial 40 time. His all-around performance cemented his status as a first-round draft pick and perhaps maybe the first wide receiver taken in the draft.

The All-American wide receiver and Biletnifoff Award finalist had himself an incredible season on the field, but he was amped up to firmly show what he is capable of after not participating in drills during the NFL scouting combine.

The hard work and anticipation paid off for LSU’s all-time leading receiver. When asked about his career and wearing the jersey #8, Nabers wanted to make sure that he represented the number and the jersey the right way.

It is safe to say that Queen himself gave Nabers the nod of approval.

When it comes to his draft stock, Nabers certainly helped to elevate it even more if not so already, but no matter who ends up drafting the Youngsville native, they are getting themselves a player that has a tremendous high ceiling.

Nabers was the obvious star of the show during today’s activities, but perhaps the biggest storyline heading into it was that Jayden Daniels was going to throw.

The Heisman Trophy winning quarterback was certainly sharp as he made different types of throws during the workouts. He was quick and decisive in the underneath routes while also showing off the arm strength in the go patterns even across field. Daniels made a lot of different throws even off platform, and that was the biggest thing for him coming in today.

Daniels showcased his talents throughout the season both throwing and running the football to put him in the situation that he is in today, but what Daniels certainly gained from the national media and the franchises that watched him today is the type of team player he is.

Instead of wearing his jersey to the combine, Daniels was wearing Greg Brooks’ jersey number. Brooks was diagnosed with brain cancer this fall and could not play his senior season. Being unselfish and showing support for his teammates in one of the biggest moments of his career tells a lot about what kind of leader #5 is.

“He’s thinking outside of just Jayden Daniels. He’s thinking about one of his teammates who he holds in high regard. That’s the way he has been since he’s gotten here. It’s the little things that he has done that doesn’t get appreciated. He is always thinking about his teammates first. When he was throwing today, he brought in teammates so they can be a chance to be seen in front of scouts. He wanted to showcase some other guys today and he certainly did that. That is Jayden Daniels.”

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly

A dual threat quarterback that can beat you with his arms and his legs, but at the same time, can win a locker room over with his actions, it definitely gets a lot of NFL teams excited for Jayden Daniels to be their franchise quarterback. As far as where Daniels wants to play, for him, it is simple.

The biggest stars had productive days and all got what they wanted out of the experience, but the other players that participated today got a lot out of it too. In particular, Omar Speights and Mekhi Wingo stood out with productive days as Wingo moved good with the defensive line and Speights led the way in the bench with 30 reps.

This has been the most successful LSU Pro Day in the Brian Kelly era in terms of on the field performance and publicity, which only continues the stigma of this elite college football program being NFLSU.

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